Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Festivities

Happy New Year All!!

The new year is so exciting.  It's clean slate...a new beginning!!!

New Year's Eve is always fun for me!  Usually it's a low key affair, but always fun.  It's pretty much tradition that my bestie and I spend it together.  We have known one another 32 years and have probably spent 20 of those years together on New Years Eve.  One of my first New Year's memories is of us and her mom going to her her Aunt Barbara's!  That's were I played roulette and the horses!!  And I was only seven.  We did countless sleepovers when we were younger, sometimes it was a big party, other times just us.  One year, we even went on a boat cruise.  For the past few years, it's been just the two of us and we've swapped off going to each other's houses to celebrate. 

This year was mine turn to host.  We ended up going to a little event that my town put on for the first time, Midnight on Main Street. It's great to go to things in town because it walking distance from my house! The celebration was on Main Street, but not at midnight.  It was from 8 to 9.  Which was actually good...perfect for all the families that attended.  And I wouldn't say it was much of a ball drop, but rather a ball lift!! But there were FIREWORKS!! And we got PARTY CROWNS!!  For being the first year of the event, it was good, but there is much room for improvement!!  

After that, rather than stay in town (which was getting crazy crowded), we came home, ate snacks, drank wine and hung out.  We also got crafty and put together our Rememberlutions Jars.  SO FUN!!  This year, anytime something great and worth remembering happens, you write it down and put it in the jar.  It doesn't have to be everyday. 

Our completed jars
We watched New Year's Rockin' Eve and waited for the ball to drop!!  And just like that 2015 was here!
Mel celebrating the New Year with Elton!
This is when we also thought maybe next year we'll celebrate New Year's Eve at a concert at the Barclays or MSG!  HAHAHAHA. We stayed up a while after midnight and headed to bed around two.

New's Year's Day was a lazy one.  Mimosas til midday, the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Winter Classic and The Citrus Bowl (where we spotted Tab Slaughter!!).  Finally, we got ourselves ready and head to dinner with Mel's family.  It was the first time I went to dinner with her family for their New Year's Day tradition.  It was a yummy German meal at a place that was new to me!  I had Sauerbraten for the first time and it was super yummy!  After dinner, we went back to Mel's and lounged after such a late night the night before.

Friday, I came home and immediately headed to lunch with an old teacher friend I hadn't seen in FOREVER!! Had such a great time talking and catching up!  I definitely have to make it a point to see more of her in 2015.

After lunch I ran into town for a bit.  Always the procrastinator, I needed to get a card for a wedding I went to on Sunday!  By the time I got home it was dark.  I worked on a few blog posts, then settled in for a cozy night in my pj's with wine and Donnie Wahlberg!

Saturday was a super low-key day.  I had all intentions of doing schoolwork and getting ready for the upcoming week, but that didn't happen. The weather outside was terrible.  Great excuse to lounge on the couch!    I worked on my blog posts for this week instead.  One of my goals this year to get better at planning my posts!  Maybe one of them should be being more on top of my lesson plans!  :)

Sunday, I went to a wedding for a sweet teacher-friends daughter.  It rained for the big day but that's just good luck!  It was a fun reception...but the dreaded first-day-back-after-two-weeks-off was looming over us!!

Monday means back to reality!!  
After being off two weeks, I realize that I could get used to not working thing.  But I missed the kids! And the routine is good for me!!

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Weekend and wish you all the best in 2015!

Before I go I just wanted to share with you a little flipgram I made with my insta photos.  In 2014 I started posting a daily photo, and I did a good job for awhile, but then I got lax after a few months.  I didn't post EVERY DAY but 332 posts out of 365 days is not too bad!
I had planned on a #KatieDaily2014 post toward the end of the year that just never happened so I put this together instead!!  Not all the photos are my specific #katiedaily2014 posts but they're all fun photos I posted in 2014!  Enjoy! 
I am posting again this year and plan on incorporating the pics into a weekly or monthly blog post so I am more accountable!  To keep up with me in 2015, follow me on intagram!

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  1. I love that Rememberlutions jar idea. I might have to adopt it for my life! Happy New Year to you. I'm adding you. Hope you check out my blog too.

  2. Those jars are a great idea!! Sounds like a really fun NYE! Good luck getting back into the routine. It's so tough the first week!

    Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Happy New Year! Love the rememberlutions !

  4. Looks like you celebrated the New Year in style!! Nothing like enjoying some wine and great company! :D

  5. that remember jar is such a good idea! Happy New Year!


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