Thursday, January 1, 2015

Favorite Posts of 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Even though it's the first day of the new year, I'm still looking back...

In the beginning of the year I declared 2014 THE YEAR OF THE BLOG!  I started this blog back in 2012 as a little outlet for myself documenting life on my own (hence the name), never really keeping up too much with it.  Toward the end of 2013, I began reading more and more blogs and decided I wanted to see what I could really make of my little corner of the world!  It has certainly taken off.  With the help of link-ups, challenges and new bloggy friends, the blog has grown by leaps and bounds!!  So I thought today I'd share my Top Ten favorite posts from 2014!  These might not have been my most viewed or commented on this year but these were my favorites (in no particular order) to write and share with you all!!

This Solitary Life Post from June was really fun to put together...the blog is called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life for a reason!!

My first Pin-spired post  at the end of January and link up was one of my favorites because I wore this outfit a countless number of times this year and writing that I really committed more to the blog for the year!

The first annual Friendsgiving was a hit...both with my friends & I, and  my blog readers!!  SO much fun and so much to be thankful for!

This post was so very random.  But I laughed harder putting this together then any other.  Being a teacher I have to include it!!

I've done lots of What I Wore  and Style Me Challenge posts this year (the blog has taken a fashiony turn this year) but one of my fave was the Stylin' the Boot post.  That damn BOOT threw me for a loop!  But hey, it was fun trying to make it look good...with leggings, leggings, and more leggings!

The Style Me Bloggers I met during the Style Me Challenges have been a blessing in my life this year.  I've so enjoyed linking up with them during the challenges and was so excited when we decided to link up as the Style Me Bloggers!  One of our first link-ups was this Closet Link up!  I love this post...I miss my closet looking this clean!!  :)  The Christmas house tour was another fave!

Speaking of the Style Me Bloggers, some of us got together for a Secret Santa and revealed our gifts in a post a few weeks after.  I had a awesome time participating in the exchange and seeing what everyone received.  Check it out here!!

Being nominated for the Liebster award by fellow Style Me blogger Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe was a definitely a highlight this year!!

This summer was HUGE for me.  I went to more concerts this summer than ever! We had so much fun and made so many memories.  I documented and relived it all {here}!
Us and Joel Crouse! Meg's Life was MADE!!  LOL
August 29th marked one year of me being in my new home.  I posted that day and had fun reminiscing the year that was and looking back at how far my home has come!!

It's been a heck of a year!  I thank you all so much for following along with me...I guess it's not such a Solitary Life after all!!  Here's to big things in 2015 for all of us!!



  1. Sounds like 2014 was pretty good to you - with exception of the dreaded BOOT! Hope 2015 will be even better and completely BOOT-free! XO

  2. Happy 2015! A closet link up! That scares me. My closet is a mess! lol! Can't wait to read how much fun 2015 brings.


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