Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A blog fit for a Snow Day....

Well everyone else might be thinking this storm was a dud, but my county and town is buried under 24 inches.  So it's a SNOW DAY for me.  Luckily, we knew about it yesterday afternoon before we left at 12:30, closing as an early release.

 Being that we already knew, there was no 5 a.m. wake up call and I was able to sleep in!  7 a.m. was my sleeping in!  BOOOOO!!  When I woke up, snow was still falling and blowing!!  I've been keeping busy though....I have been watching News Coverage, reading my book,  and binge-watching season 2 episodes of the Blacklist so I'm all caught up when it returns on after the Super Bowl on Sunday!  Oh, And I finally took my Christmas Tree down....LOL!!

I'll miss this little guy!!  Don't worry, I haven't had the lights on since Little Christmas!  HA!


This was out my back door this morning when I woke up!

The drifts are what's making it really terrible.  And unfortunately it all blows in the front!

This is out the front window...
The front has an overhang, which obviously was pretty useless in this storm!!

And this is out the front door at about 3:30 still!

The good thing about living here is that all my shoveling is done for me!  The bad news....we always seem to be last!  I'm not worried though....I just got word that my school district is closed again tomorrow...which means my school is also closed...so I have no where to go!!

I think I'll have another cocktail!!

Were you impacted by the Blizzard where you live?  I've love to hear about it!!  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great night!  Stay warm....


  1. Snow days...awww, I want a snow day...or do I? hmm...probably not, but glad that you got some time off and that you caught up on Blacklist, awesome show!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow! When my older son was 2 we had a snowstorm like that, and it was so beautiful! As long as you have nowhere to go, it's really fun. Hope you have another fun day off tomorrow!

  3. How fun! Go play in it and make some snow angels!

  4. jealous of the cocktails!!! yay for sleeping in and finally taking your tree down :)

  5. Don't you hate trying to sleep in, but getting up early means your sleep in days are 7?! Happens to me all the time! We don't get snow where I live in California, so I can't even imagine how to navigate and function in all that. It sure is pretty, though!


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