Friday, January 2, 2015


It's like the LAST DAY of VACATION!!!  Boooooo...I love my job (most days!) but I could really be ok with not working!  I love me some days of sleeping in, lunch dates and wine nights with friends and staying up late!!  But it's my damn mortgage...and maybe a little bit of that shopping habit of mine, that keeps me, keeping on!!  But this being Friday, let's celebrate some faves from the week!


Lunch with my sister at one of my favorite places on Monday was so yummy!!
She was kid-free for a few hours and we ate and chatted! So busy eating and chatting in fact that I forgot to take a blog pic!! HA!! I'm fortunate enough to be able to see my family all the time, but it's very rare that Meg and I can do lunch, just the two of us, so it was great!!

Monday night I had a few of my favorite teacher friends over for snacks and wine.  That's another thing that doesn't happen very often, so when we can do it, it's a treat!!  And they too, enjoyed being baby-free for the night!  We always have lots of laughs...and too much wine!  I'm so glad I work with people who are more friends than just colleagues!

My favorite pic of the week!!!
Tuesday night I had these knuckleheads over for a sleepover while my sister and brother-in-law went away for the night!! My three nephews and little cousin are all the best of friends!  

This being a list of favorites, I have to also include my New Year's post!  Yesterday I looked back on my top ten favorite posts from the blog this year!!  
I'll be back this weekend to share all my New Year's Eve & Day festivities and fun!!
Thanks for following along with me this year!!

I'll be honest, after such a busy week, and going nonstop since Monday, I'm loving me a Friday night IN.  Tonight I have no plans!! Actually, I do have plans...I have a date with Donnie Walhberg and the boys of Blue Bloods!  LOL  I am going to enjoy the night in my pjs, on my couch, with my favorite bottle of wine, watching a new episode my favorite show!  It's going to be absolutely fabulous!!  
And I'll be asleep by 11...and am totally ok with it!!

Hope you had a great week too!
Oh...and before I go...I linked up for Pin-spired today too!!  Check out what I've been wearing here!!

Have a great weekend!  Can't wait to spend Saturday morning with a cup of coffee reading everyone's blogs!

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  1. Excuse me, The MeetBall Place? That sounds yummy! We have one more day of winter break (Monday). We had such a relaxing time that I may have forgotten how to do my job :)


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