Friday, January 2, 2015

January Pin-spired- Otherwise known as "Sheaffer Told Me To"!

January 2nd!!  Crazytown!  Hope everyone had a great New Year!

I am starting the new year off on the right foot and linking up with Sheaffer and Melissa again for Pin-Spired!  Shay's off today because she's off scooping up sweet baby Ashby!!  It's been so fun following the family in China.

Love this link up!  Better late than never!!

Today I'm actually sharing 2 outfits that Sheaffer featured on Pinterest Told Me To and I ended up pinning!  Hope that's allowed (and not too stalkerish!)  HA! I actually could have posted lots of outfits but I'll stop at two...just because I have worn them recently!

She's featured this and other Calson Tunics a number of times because they are awesome with leggings!   When I saw this one on sale and with 10% back at ebates it was a was mine! It's  a little different than the other Calson Tunics I have bause it's not as loose, but I like it a lot...I might have worn it twice just this week! (It's all about who you see, people!!)

For my interpretation, I switched it up a bit with black leggings and gray riding boots! 

I was able to recreate another of Sheaffer's looks and am including it because it features my BELOVED Blanket Scarf!!  Or as my family so affectionately refers to it...the BLARF!! WAAAAHHHHHH
I may really wear it every other day!!

This was Sheaffer's look at PTMT:

This cardigan is super light and fun!  And it was another thing I was able to get on sale...less than $20 bucks. YAY!!
Here's the look I put together...Super Similar!

I guess when Sheaffer tells me to...I do!!  LOL 

Look forward to seeing what everyone linked up today!!  

Have FUN and look FABULOUS!!


  1. Fun! Both outfits are great. I think you absolutely NAILED them. Sheaffer is a doll and so are you. P.S. Call in sick tomorrow and I will be your sub. XO

  2. Great job on those outfit re-creations!! I am loving that striped tunic - so comfy and cute.
    Gina - On the Daily Express


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