Friday, January 23, 2015

Style Me Bloggers are back!

Linking up with the Style Me Bloggers again today! This time around, we are putting together our wish list of things we are coveting!  This is a great topic...this year everything is a wish list item for me!!  As I mentioned, I am trying my hardest to not shop!  23 days and counting! (GO ME!!) I've just realized that  I absolutely don't need another article of clothing! My closet is FULL!!

That being said, I have been keeping a running list of things I've seen and would like...if say, I won the lotto or something!  Actually, I'm going to give it to my mom to get something from for my birthday!  Check out of the few items below!

I keep wishing that before I imposed this goal of not shopping, I got a pair of fleece lined leggings!! They just seem so comfy to me, and would be great on cold days when I walk to or from work and around town.  The ones linked are pricey and I'm sure I could find tons of pairs cheaper, but since this is the wish list, I thought, WHY NOT!!

The next item is definitely  "Wish List" material...I don't think I'll ever really get one, but I see fuax fur vests on other people and think it looks so super cute!!  How great is this one from Piper Street with the bowed back?!?

Last week, I participated in scarf week on insta and as I was scrolling through pictures , I kept seeing mustard colored scarves.  Mustard is like the one color I don't have!!  LOL  I just love the mustard and I feel like I need one!  This one is super duper cute and cozy!

Another thing I am coveting, are these boots!  These are  HOTT and look like they would totally hug my calves well.  I love the gauzy back!  I don't really need them because I already have black knee high boots and because even at this sale price, they're too pricy for me.  One of the downsides of CP is the fact that, walking the way I do, parts of the soles of my shoes wear out!  Having to replace them often, I don't tend to go for the most expensive shoes.  I wish that didn't happen though because I've had some really great shoes I've been sad to get rid of!!  LOL  (The exception to the rule however, are theseTOMS I scored on sale last Thanksgiving!  And have only worn a handful of times so far!!)

Not much on my list I guess, but these are the few things I am really wanting right now...and won't be getting because of my no shopping rule.  I am pretty happy though that nothing on this list is available in my size!  That makes it a tad easier to pull this off!  HA!!  But I'm really looking forward to what the other girls have on their lists...because I am pretty sure I'll covet it!  Go ahead... take a look and link up with us too!!

A Friday 5's is up on the blog today too...who doesn't like twofers on a Friday?!?! Cheers!!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. That's a great colour for a scarf!!

  2. What a great wishlist! I've been trying to limit my shopping, too. So hard!

  3. I'm also on a "shopping freeze", but I like your idea of keeping a wish list that I can share with others for my birthday. I'm adding the fleece lined leggings! Have a great weekend.

  4. I know what you mean about the mustard scarf. I wish I had one too. I'm not a total shopping ban but I'm buying except special items or replacing something. {for right now anyway} How long is your ban?

  5. I too love me a good mustard scarf, I really love the fringy ones...:)

  6. P.S. I am on a spendy freeze too, right after I get myself a pair of new skinny jeans....haha


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