Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays with Momfessionals

Linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals today for a new feature she's hosting...Show and Tell Tuesdays.
Today's topic...your resolutions/goals for 2015!

Well I didn't make any resolutions this year because I can never keep them!
Could I stand to lose 5 or 10 pounds?!? Sure.
Should I get more organized? Maybe.
Get my driver's license?!? Probably!!
Should i exercise and go to PT more often? Yup.
Would it be great to find me a man this year? Of course!

The list goes on and on.  But I'm ok with the ME I am these days, so if these things don't happen, it's not the end of the world.

It's not to say there aren't things I want to accomplish this year! So instead of resolutions, I'm gonna go with goals...to help make 2015 a great one!!

First, I need to STOP spending SO MUCH MONEY on clothes  and buying on a whim.  I'm really good at buying things only on sale, but toward the end of 2014, I may have gotten a bit crazy spending! This year I'm shopping my closet!  My sister mentioned to me that I probably have enough clothes in my closet for a year, without wearing the same thing twice.  I think she's right!  (Actually it could really be two!!) I am not sure I'll be able to go the WHOLE year without buying ANY new article of clothing, but if I can spend less, I'll feel accomplished!!

I'm looking to cut spending in other ways as well.  I have cancelled or cutback on the following: Magazine Subscriptions, the newspaper (because I just don't read it!), Stitch Fix and R + F auto-deliveries!  I am also going to eat out less, and when I do, only get one glass of wine with dinner, not two!

Instead of putting money into my closet, I want to spend it on the house instead.  I have been in the house over a year now and things need updating.  I am still using some hand-me-downs and I want to update.  Paint a room or two (the builder's paint is starting to look pretty terrible), get a chandelier for above my kitchen table (which I was gifted money toward in 2013!) and maybe purchase a smart TV for my bedroom, and a ceiling fan for in there too!

I want to read more in 2015.  I used to read all the time. During the school year, it's hard!  But when I was on breaks I would usually read at least three books during each.  And during the summers, at least a dozen.  This year, I think I made it through three complete books, if that!!  I've set a personal goal of 16.  I know it 's a random number but it's a little more than one a month, and leaves room for more in summer.  Since I love lists, I'm using this as a guide.  Just as a guide, not the whole list, because I know 50 is not a goal I can reach!  Books are also something I don't have to spend money on this year!  There are plenty of books on my shelves I have yet to read, and I LOVE the Library!!
I have three books on tap already, including this one:
Have you read it?  Let me know what you thought!

I have goals for the blog, too!  I need to be better at planning posts! I'm not gonna lie, there have been many a nights I've spend up til midnight or more, getting a post ready for the following day!!  Or doing a link-up post that day!!  HA!!  Earlier in the year, I did this post and mentioned my blog book. Now I have to take this a step further, into a planner.  I have big things coming up this year with the Style Me Bloggers that I can't wait to share and am participating in more link ups, like this one!   I haven't found the perfect planner yet, because I'm still looking for a really good, affordable one!  Any suggestions are welcome!!

Continuing to link-up with the Style Me Bloggers this year...JOIN US!!

This year I am also focusing more on my faith!!  I will admit (and this is hard for me, being a Catholic School teacher and all) that for a long while, I lost a little bit of my faith. Don't get me wrong I talk to Him every single day, but I want to become more focused this year!  My bestie gave me the Jesus Calling daily devotional book for Christmas, so I'm hoping that, coupled with reading passages from the bible (the same bible our middle schoolers study from, but hey, I know God won't mind), and getting back to church, I'm starting off on the right path!

I am looking toward 2015 with hope!  As long as I come away from 2015 strong and having grown through experiences and I've had FUN in the process...it's all good!  

Have the best year ever!


  1. This is great! Would love for you to grab our button and join our new weekly "Tuesday Talk" link-party that just went live!

  2. great goals for the new year! i read "the husband's secret" and it was pretty good --- i liked her other book "pretty little lies" more. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a giveaway on cornflake dreams

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Jillian and for the suggestion! I'll check that one out!

  3. I teach in the Catholic system too...I've been eyeing up that Jesus Calling book, I think I'll try it. Totally agree with you on the spending on a whim too much. I gotta stop that.

  4. Oh I want to read The Husband's Secret. Need to go out and get that book. Great goals for this year too! I could have probably written the same list!

  5. Yes, yes, yes to everything you said. Yes, to the reading challenge reading list. Love that. I am so slow that I probably couldn't even make a dent on the suggested readings but I am gonna try. Yes, to saving money and fashioning the clothes in your closet. Got to do the same. Yes to one glass of wine, eating out less, exercising more. And yes to Jesus Calling. My bestie gave me a copy three years ago and I love it. Always feels like the day's passage is speaking directly to me. Great post, sweet friend.


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