Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday's Here!

A Friday 5 to start the weekend off right!  Some of my faves from the week...

This week at my school was the Scholastic Book Fair.  I'm not really sure why, but this year I was over-the-top excited about it!  Maybe because it was in the school this year instead of in our gym, on the stage!! The parent who ran it set it up so great and it looked awesome.  I'm the librarian and tech teacher, but the book fair chair-parent really takes the reigns on this, because I still teach! (Next year I want to cancel classes, and run the fair!)  I do lessons in the library and lab to get the  kidsexcited about it too and it really gets them pumped to read!!    I do my best to sway them away from the posters, pens, and erasers! HA!  And I was happy to get tons of new books for the school library!!

Next week at school also begins National Catholic Schools Week.  It's a week of fun and faith.  I'm most looking forward to the two dress down days and the Teacher Appreciation lunch that the parents are giving us next Friday!  HA!  What I am not looking forward to is an extra day of work this weekend and next!  Being a Catholic School, we hold an Open House for perspective parents this Saturday!  I really enjoy teaching a Catholic School and am grateful for a week to celebrate that!

On Friday's I link up with lots of bloggers!  It's super fun and gives me lots of reading material for Saturday Mornings...when I settle in with coffee and read blogs!  Last Friday, April, one of the hosts of the Friday 5 link up had the elevate app as one of her five.  It's a brain training app.  I thought it looked really interesting, so I downloaded it, too.  What I discovered is that I'm really very dumb!!  LOL!!  It kinda stresses me out....but I kinda love it too!  I have a seven day streak going!  I've even convinced three friends to download it this week!!  Download it {here}'s free!

I saw this on Insta this week and it literally  made me LOL!  #truth

Happy Birthday Mom!
On Sunday my mom turns 65!  Saturday the adults in the family are all going to Mom's favorite restaurant for dinner and my Aunt Laurie, mom's sister, has come for her big day! Sunday we're gonig to celebrate with all the kiddos! Should be a fun weekend.  Fingers crossed the snow they're predicting holds out!!

Before you go, please take a look at at the latest Style Me Bloggers Link-up...2015 Wish List...What I am coveting!  It's also on the blog today!!

And if you missed Wednesday's recap of #scarfweek that I mentioned in last week's 5, check it out {here}.

Happy Weekend!  Enjoy it!

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  1. I used to love the book fair! I was that kid who bought a book full of books :)

    Midwest Darling

  2. Scholastic book fair week was my favorite thing about school!! I would always get sooo excited!
    Happy Birthday to your mom! Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I help out at our book fair every year and love it! We are actually looking into a Catholic school right now as our oldest daughter will be a freshmen next year. It's a lot of $$$, so not sure that we can swing it, but I sure loved the school!

    Would love to have you stop by my blog sometime!

  4. Looks like a great week! My sons school has not had a book fair but I am always ordering them from the scholastic magazine! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Scholastic book fair was always my favorite event at school! I loved getting to pick all kinds of new books. I'm pretty sure if I was a teacher, I would still get excited to look through all the books :)

    Thanks for linking up again for H54F!


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