Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Spring Challenge is finally here!!!

It's Here!!  It's Here!!  The Spring Style Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On began on Monday! Once again the Style Me Bloggers are linking up and sharing our looks with you!! And a huge thank you to Alison for featuring us on her blog last Wednesday!!  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!  It's so hard to believe it was a year ago already since we first began participating in Style Challenges!!

The first outfit arrived in our email on Sunday night.  I was excited when I first heard camo jeans would be in the challenge.  I was shocked though that they made an appearance on day one.  I couldn't really wear them to work, so I subbed another look for the day and put this on when I got home.  I posted it to the FB group as my "sit on the front porch after work with a glass of wine and catch the last bit of sun" look.
The day's look paired this with a bright jacket and bright flats.  I liked everyone's interpretations and have some looks in mind for next time I wear this....further then the rocking chair on my front porch!!  :)

Day two I really liked!!  The striped dress from the preview outfit made it's first appearance.  Since I was wearing mine to work, I wore leggings underneath.  I was presently surprised to find lots of ladies who did the same!!  Even my fellow Style Me Friends!!  Great minds think alike!!  Rather than wear the wedges the look called for, I went with leopard flats.  I really liked this with the bright coral sweater and long necklace!
  I also wore this ahead of the challenge on Sunday this way...

Today is Day Three and I played a little dress up...I could ALMOST get away with this at work.
Day three calls for a cardigan, black tank, patterned scarf and wedges.  I like e this look!!  For work I'm wearing white trouser pants  and flats instead.

Three days down!  These next few weeks are just going to fly by!!  I hope you come back next week to see more great looks that we put together.  And the Style Me Bloggers are linking up again on Friday, sharing our our faves for Spring and have a fabulous giveaway for you!!  Don't miss it!

But first, go check out how these lovlies takes on the first few days of the challenge!  So much Style Inspiration to be had!!  And don't forget to link up with us too!!
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Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. Love the striped dress! Both ways you wore it are super cute!

  2. Love it all - especially the white jeans look and your striped dress. It was so funny that so many of us Style Me ladies wore leggings with our dress yesterday!

  3. Love all of your looks, girl! I especially love the "wine and sun" look! Who can argue with that?! XO ~ Casey @ A Little Bit of Cheer

  4. love today's look - so bright and spring-y! I also rocked the leggings with the striped dress :) great minds think a like

  5. I love your stripes dress dress and patterned scarf! One of my fave combos.

  6. CUTE outfit #3! Love the scarf!!

  7. I love the looks you came up with! The striped dress looks great on you and I love how you showed work and casual looks for it!

  8. Pretty lady, pretty looks. Your scarves make all of the outfits you! And the gray tee and camo look is just so comfy. I wore it twice! Don't tell.

  9. Oh my goodness, I adore the striped dress! You look super cute in it---both ways :)

  10. I love your scarves! That yellow one is super cute. Where is it from?

  11. I just love all your looks with the striped dress. By the way, I think you look fab in coral!


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