Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday comes too soon...

Monday!  How are you here already!?!

It was the best Spring weekend so far!!  Saturday was actually more like a summer day!  It hit the mid 70's...80 in some spots.  I spent the morning in the sun on my postage stamp patio in the back.  I'll be honest...I got a lil toasty!  HA!

In the afternoon I headed in to have a Girls Night with my besties.  We've had this date on the calendar for like two months, so it was really fun to finally get together.  We ended up pushing our reservation back for dinner so we had more time to just chat it up at Mel's, have a few apps and drinks before heading out!  It was such a summery day, I had my first Sam Summer of the season!! Woo Hoo...Sam's my Summer Love!!

Mel wanted to try a new place in town and it was really SOO fun!!  It was a Gastropub.  There was so much great stuff on the menu we decided to get a few apps and we all shared their signature dish, Chicken and Waffles!  Everything was great.  We ended up staying there for hours.  The place was packed, the Ranger Game was on and we just kept eating!! :)  And they brew their own beer there, so of course we tried them.  YUM!!


Since this will be my only non-selfie of the Spring Challenge so I thought I'd include it!  Ha!!  Saturday's look had us wearing white jeans but since I was traveling on the train, I didn't want them getting dirty!  Come back on Wednesday for the rest of the week's looks when I link up with the Style Me Bloggers once again!  And find the first few looks here.

Photo Cred: Mel....hahahahahahaha

I stayed over at Mel's house that  night and took an early train home in the morning to get back to my usual Sunday chores of laundry and lessons!  Boooo!!  On the plus side, I ended up making myself a nice salmon dinner and spent the rest of the night rockin' out in my living room to the ACM Awards!! So fun!!  And score one for me for having seen almost everyone of those artists!!  I joked to my friend that the only three we have never seen are George Strait, Garth Books, and Brooks and Dunn. And maybe they'll have an Ol' Timers' Show and we can go!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it is a concert in my living room.  It was a little bit crazy though how many people they jammed into that stadium!!  I was wishing I was there.  Because I get so mad when the camera pans the audience and they are singing the ABSOLUTE WRONG WORDS!!Like seriously...why are you there!?!  I know them all!!!!   Oh well... I'm pretty sure my couch was the best seat anyway!!
I just love Luke and Blake!  Saw both this past summer!  Great Shows!!

And just like that it's Monday again!!  Ugh...hope everyone had a fun weekend too!!

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  1. Have always thought chicken and waffles sounded delish. Glad you tried it. Love that you spent hours catching up over beers with your besties. XO

  2. OK, those chicken and waffles---girl, that looks amaze-balls! And I'm digging that orange and turquoise together. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. I agree - how did Monday get here so fast? You had a great weekend - fun!

  4. It looks like you had a busy and fun weekend! I agree about those girls not knowing the words to the songs. I mean come on!

  5. I love your food and beer/wine posts. I would love to have a meal with you someday.


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