Friday, April 24, 2015


A week or so ago I was approached by Jessica at who works with bloggers there and asked if I wanted to work with them on their #CoffeeMyWay blog campaign, sharing  my morning coffee rituals. I thought, “Do these people know who they just contacted??” I WOULD LOVE TO!!

 If there is one thing I love more than's coffee!! There is no life for me before coffee! I can't go a day without it, or I'll get a headache (which I know should concern me a little bit more than it does). Coffee decor is around my kitchen and I may or may not sometimes sleep in coffee-related pj's!!  So I kinda can't wait to share my coffee rituals with you today!!

I suppose during the week, I don't really have a ritual per say. I have a really horrible habit of snoozing my 87 alarms one too many times in the morning, which doesn't leave me much time. So rather than sitting down and enjoying my coffee the way I should, I drink it while getting ready, putting on my makeup, and rushing around before heading out the door for work. God bless the two minute Keurig. Making my coffee is the very first thing I do!  I drag myself outta bed, head to the kitchen and straight to the Keurig.  I put my pod in, turn it on, and THEN go to the bathroom because...priorities!  But when I return, my cup is done and ready to be prepared!
This is kind of like my little coffee nook!  This sits below the cabinet that holds all my coffee pods and sugar, etc.  The mug I don't really use, because it's just too small!  So I keep on there for decoration!!

I enjoy my coffee light and sweet...kinda like my personality! HA! JK!! I like two big-ish sugars and fat free half and half! And the cup has got to be big...the bigger the better!!  Right now I am loving the Caribou brand and blend and of coffee, too!!
It's sad, I know, that I have my sugar in a plastic container!  I had a sugar bowl that really wasn't a sugar bowl, and it never really had a secure top!  Well, one day that bowl did what I knew it would do, and fell from the cabinet.  I did my best kung fu moves, and thank goodness, it didn't fall on the floor and shatter into ten thousand pieces, but the sugar went EVERYWHERE!!  Needless to say, I'm no longer using that one...this sugar bowl from Wayfair is on it's way to me!

On the weekends, I have more of a coffee routine. Saturdays and Sundays I finally have the time to sit and actually enjoy and savor my coffee. Even though I can sleep in on the weekends, I rarely do! So I'm still up early, most times by 7ish. After the coffee brews, I turn on country music videos, fire up my laptop and settle to read all the blogs I need to catch up on from the week. I can sometimes be there a good two/three hours before I get myself up and ready for the day!!

Saturdays and Sundays are the only days I have two cups of coffee. More often than not, that second cup might have a little Godiva chocolate liquor (my new obsession!!!) or Baileys in there.  The weekend just calls for a treat, don't ya think!?!  And it's so,so YUMMY!!

Now that it's been getting warmer out too, I've been taking that second cup onto the back patio and enjoying it in the sun. I do that during the summer too, when I am home and having a second cup daily. My neighbor saw me out there this past Saturday morning and asked if I was drinking wine! This was 10 a.m.!!  When I told her it was coffee, she said “Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere!” I thought to myself...I like the way you think lady! But then she said, you're not too hot drinking that coffee in the sun?” Even in the summer, a good hot cup of coffee is what I need. The temperature outside doesn't dictate how I take my coffee. I do love a good iced coffee now and then but for me, I can't go a day without my usual morning cup! I just love it and sitting out there drinking my coffee, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, and getting a lil bit of sunshine on my face is pretty peaceful and a great way to start the day!

I just had to include this! I thought it was funny and after all, the blog's called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life!



  1. Oh yesss coffee-a-holic here too! And Godiva chocolate liquor....that just makes life.

  2. Have never heard of Godiva chocolate liquor but I am thinking I need to try this quickly to make up for lost time. Love Bailey's any day of the week. Well, not in my morning coffee any day of the week but definitely before bed! XO


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