Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Randoms

Well it's Thursday!!  And I'm thinking about lots of crazy stuff, confessing...and owning it all!!  Posts like these are soooo Solitary Life.

I've had this post in draft for a while, so it's kinda of a mish-mosh of things but sometimes it's good to get it all out.  So here goes!

  • I'm just loving summer!  There's nothing better than lazy days and sunshine!!  But I'll be honest...there are days when I truly have absolutely no bloody idea what day it is, what time it is, or what the heck is even going on.  YAY SUMMER!!

  • Summer is my thing!  The bugs that come around during summer are definitely not!!  I don't live alone...I live with bugs!!  It's inevitable that every single day without fail, I let a fly in or find a teeny tiny ant...or 10!!  UGH!!  They get in my wine, take over my kitchen...iccckkkkk. I'm really not a dirty person!  HA!!
Thanks Dad for making this Ant Kill for really works!!!  LOL

  • I have been listening to music constantly!  And I sing along!!  I become the singer...even though I have an awful voice!!   And I dance around my kitchen and living room....because why not?!?  I live alone! LOL Sometimes though, my bestie will join me!

  • I read an entire book in one day this week...I did nothing else but read.  And I don't for one second feel bad about it!!  It was probably one of my best days this summer.

  • I talk to myself like a lot!  I have full on conversations with myself.  It becomes a problem though when I'm with other people.  Because even then, I still talk to myself.  I saw this around Facebook this week and it made me laugh...then I thought, OH SH%&!

  • I get kinda worried and embarrassed when I comment on blogs on Friday nights!  I forget that it's Friday night...when everyone else is out and about. 

I think six crazy confessions is good for now!!  It might be a lil' crazy...but it's all fun!!

Have a Happy Thursday!!

I've decided to join Christina @ The New Mrs. for her "Own It" Series today.  I discovered The New Mrs. blog earlier this spring/summer and am really enjoying reading about Christina!  Her and her husband are too cute!!

Linking up with Vanessa and Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, too!


  1. You are too funny about commenting on Friday nights! I am usually the same way with facebook. If I liked or commented on a post on a Friday or Saturday night I think they must think I have no life. But right now I have a big and easy excuse...I have a 3yo with a bedtime :) Works everytime! lol!

  2. haha, commenting on Friday nights, you are so funny. Reading a book all day/week, amazing! Live it, it's summer!

  3. I couldn't be loving summer more!! Reading a book in one day and doing just that sounds absolutely fabulous! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. I'm so jealous....I want to read a book in a day! I'm so glad you liked that book - my favorite so far this summer. Ok so I talk to myself too...LOL. It's because the kids, well, they don't listen too much and so I'm asking myself questions or high fiving myself out loud LOL! What day is it again? Feelin' ya! xo Amanda

  5. The best days of summer are definitely the ones spent reading all day!!

  6. Definitely the best way to spend a summer day is reading a whole book! There's just this huge feeling of accomplishment!


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