Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Create 28 looks I've been sporting....

Today I'm sharing the Create 28 Summer looks I've been wearing!  This past week's prompts were very sporty and casual which I loved.  It was a quiet week for me for the most part so, I was able to partake. Here's what I been sporting!!

A Batter Up Baseball Look
Tried this one with the selfie stick when the light over my closet went out!  It's super bright but I didn't like that you could see it, so I have to perfect my selfie stick skills!!  Even though I am a New Yorker and enjoy watching the NY teams play, the Red Sox are my team.  I just love the city of Boston!!  I had another Sox shirt and I couldn't for the life of me find it!  :(

A Sporty Look
I's sad this is so dark because I really did like this look a lot.  I felt that the striped dress need something, and the denim vest was perfect!  I had never worn my Cons with this dress before, but I kinda love it!  I've been wearing my cons constantly this summer!!  This probably my most fave look of this I'm also calling it my "favorite sneaker look"

A Summer Blues Look
This cobalt blue dress is soooooo old!!  I got it from American Eagle years and years ago but I've kept it because it's a plain, easy dress.  How outta style is it gonna get!?!  I've been throwing it on a lot lately!  It's good for a night out or a day at the pool.  And because it's strapless, I like adding the denim vest to it!

Summer Shoes
Like I mentioned before, I've been wearing my Cons a lot this summer.  When I'm not in sneaks, I'm wearing my Target Sandals.  These are last year's version.
Here's at the shoes in heavy rotation this summer!

I'm having a great time with Create28 this summer with Carrie, Casey and Whitney!  Are you participating too? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. You and my husband! He loves the Red Sox! And he was born and raised in a Yankees fan family!

  2. Love your Create28 looks. Especially the baseball one. I couldn't come up with a single thing that day!

  3. CUTE easy polished looks!! LOVE the stripe dress!!

  4. Ermagerd, I love the striped dress with the denim vest and the hat. Beauty!

  5. Love them all, but the sport look with the striped dress is my favorite!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. I've been wanting to pair my same striped dress with my vest too, but haven't done it yet! Love the sneakers with it, perfect~

  7. You're doing such a great job with all of the prompts! I especially love your sporty look! Thanks for linking-up for Create28!

  8. Love the sporty looks!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  9. I love converse shoes. I need to replace mine ASAP! love the sporty look!


  10. Love this sporty yet chic looks, my favorite is the one with striped dress and denim vest, stripes are my favorites for this summer and I really love converse shoes.


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