Saturday, July 11, 2015

Six on Saturday...

Yesterday was another fun link-up with the Style Me Bloggers!  But since so many fun things happened and there are so many things I'm loving this week, I thought I'd share a Six on Saturday!! And Yes...I pretty much made that up!  HA!

57¢ Pancakes at IHOP
On Tuesday Morning, I woke up bright and early to take advantage of the 57¢ deal on the short stack of pancakes at IHOP for their 57th Anniversary.  I went to breakfast with my aunt, uncle, and cousin.  You should know that my aunt loves a bargain....and will do anything for a bargain!  I gotta say they I was sooo glad I woke up early and went.  I hadn't been to an IHOP in like 10 years and the pancakes were soooooooo good!!  Yummy and buttery and fabulous!!

Bret Michaels
On Tuesday night I went to see Bret Michaels in concert at a local park.  Bret Michaels is not my favorite, but he's my friend's favorite and she knows how much I love concerts!!  And I had gone to see him with her before when he played in my town.  So I went along (again)! And guess what?!?   I had a great time!!!  Who knew I knew so many Bret Michaels songs (apparently I said the same thing last time LOL) I have to download his new album.  Bret's going a little bit country these days!  I can't wait till next year!!  :)  I tried getting some photos but after looking back at them, their all too dark....

Zim Zari
Before the show, we went to dinner at a fun new place!  It was called Zim Zari and was a Mexi-Cali type place.  So, so good!  I had the BLT Ahi Tuna tacos....YUM!!  We also had the Zim Zari Lemonade.  Ridiculously good!! So good...we even went back for another round after the show Apparently I am on a lemonade kick this summer!  I tried  to replicate the drink at home on Wednesday.  It wasn't exactly the same at all, but I made something else really good also!  HA!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started on Thursday for cardholders.  Naturally I took advantage!  I woke up bright and early on Thursday and perused the sale.  (In all honestly, since I was up at midnight on Wednesday, I tried to go on then but the sale didn't go love until 3 a.m. my time).  I put everything that I wanted in my cart....then snapped myself back to reality!!  I really shouldn't be buying anything but it's the biggest sale of the really I'm saving more then I'm spending!!  Putting everything in my cart, I dwindled it down...made a wish list, saved some for later, and deleted some.  I walked away with a bunch of blardigans (for my sisters and I) and a shirt!  So not bad!  But it was only day one!

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair
YAY!!!  I FINALLY got one of these!! After years of seeing everybody with them, I got one of my own this week! I love it.  Specifically for it's backpack feature!  Oh and the cooler on the back, of course!!  I brought it to the beach yesterday!

Which brings me to my sixth favorite of the week!!  First beach day of the year!  WOO HOO!!   The beach we go to is a ways away so we head out early and stay all day.  When we got there, I was a little nervous because there were big puffy clouds, no sun and it was WINDY!!  Like sandblast windy!  So the first hour I stayed under a blanket! But after a while the clouds floated away and it got BEAUTIFUL.  The best part of the day was probably from 3 o'clock on...not a cloud in the sky!  All the kids played so well ALL DAY and no one really wanted to leave.  My sister kept commenting that she felt we were on vacation in the Outer Banks and wished we only had to go back up to the house to cook dinner.  We left the beach around 7:30 vand drove back to my sister's house for pizza and nightswimming (for the kids!)  It was a fun day!  I got home around 10:30, so it was quite a long day too!!  

Hope you ll had a great week too!!  And have a fun weekend planned!!  It;s supposed to be the nicest weekend of the summer here weather-wise, so I'm going to enjoy it!!

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  1. Oh I forgot about Nordstroms sale! That's always bomb! And oh gosh pancakes I love them...

  2. That chair sounds awesome! Backpack feature and a cooler? I gotta find one of those! :)

  3. I had shrimp tacos last night (see we are besties and just don't know it).....I missed the 57 cent pancake day (ugh)....Brett Michaels LOL.....I love concerts....OBX are you in my state right now? Wha-what? :) You rock chick! Have a blast today!

  4. I am SO excited for the sale!! I just posted my entire wish list over on my blog! I would love for you to stop by. ~ Seri from

  5. Ah, the beach looks beautiful! I love the Tommy Bahama chairs - they're my favorite. And I finally bought myself a Blardigan - can't wait for it to get here!


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