Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's talk books!

I seriously can not even believe the year is more than half over!!  Eeeekkk...

Back in January, I posted my yearly goals and mentioned that I wanted to read more this year.  I set a goal to read 16 books in 2015 and  am using this as guide and to just read some different things.  This summer I am trying to read six of those books...and guess what?!?  I'm halfway there already! Woo hoo!!  I've been wanting to post an update on my progress for a while and thought this was as good a time as any!

A book by an author that you've never read before: The Husband's Secret was the first Laine Moriarty book that I ever read (and the first book I finished this year!)  I enjoyed it a lot...even though I figured "it" out fairly early! 

My next Laine Moriarty book, Big Little Lies is on tap to read this summer.  It fits into the category of a book with antonyms in the title  :) 

A book that made you cry: Easy....The Wednesday Letters, which I just finished last week.  LOVED it...a sweet story that I really couldn't put down! 

A book that your mom loves: Still Alice.  My mom loved this book!!  She told us all to read it so in case she ever gets Alzheimer's, we will know what to do.  This book also fits in the category of  a book made into a movie!  And as always the book was way better than that movie!!

A book you can finish in a day: Girl Talk was a book I read in a day.  Honestly, I probably should have read it in my twenties, but it was pretty funny!!

A book published this year:  Nobody's Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle came out in April.  It was a book I had seen here and there, but after Leslie had it on her blog a few times, I picked it up.  It's another one I really really loved.  Cute stories, great little tidbits about friendship and really funny, too!  Didn't really want to put it down.  I thought about my BFF while reading it, so I sent her a copy.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.  It could really fit into the memoir category too!

A popular author's first book: I read The Girl on the Train, the first book by Paula Hawkins. It is a really popular book and so many people love it.  I had mixed feelings about it!  It wasn't my favorite AT ALL but I am really glad I read it!

Another book I read this year was The Single Woman by Mandy Hale. Great blog too!!! I enjoyed it. It totally spoke to me!  And was a super easy read.  It doesn't really fit into one of these categories.

I am currently reading Where'd You Go Bernadette. And see what else I have on my Summer Reading List here!

So I guess for the year being more than half over, I'm doing ok! 7 Books so far is almost halfway to my goal for the year!

 I have lots more books that fit these categories, that I can't wait to read!  One of the categories is read a book you were supposed to read in school but never did.  Maybe I'll pick up Jane Eyre again! HA!

What books do you love?  Share them with me in the comments!!

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  1. I had mixed feelings about The Girl on the Train too. For one, I figured it out before it ended. All those Lifetime movies have paid off! I know endings!

  2. Eight Hundred Grapes, my favorite book this year. Tell me how you like Where'd Ya Go Bernadette. I have that as my next book to check out. xo Amanda

  3. What a fun challenge! Eight Hundred Grapes is on my nightstand :)

  4. I so want to read Nobody's cuter than you but I don't know when I will ever find the time :( Some day! lol! Thanks for linking up today Katie!

  5. I don't read enough to have a good list but at some point I'd like to!
    I liked Girl on the Train but I'm not sure if my opinion on it is biased because it was the first book I had read in ages lol


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