Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer Essentials {2015 Edition}

Last year I put together a list of my summer essentials!  I thought I'd do it again...with things I'm loving this summer!!

My Summer 2015 Essentials!

Still NUMBER ONE on my list is a hat! I still love my fedora but I'm all about my camo baseball cap this summer!!  Both block the sun's harmful rays but still allow me to look cute! :)
I've also been wearing a lot of headbands/wraps too, though.  I live pretty close to the water, so when I sit out it is inevitably windy!  My mom gave me a blue ribbon headband when I went to visit her in Florida and I love it.  It actually stays put!!  You can see it a little bit here...and I don't really care that it matches nothing, I wear it anyway!  HA!!

Another MUST is a pair of sunglasses.  I love changing up  my sunglasses.  Last year I wore my aviators ALL. THE. TIME.  This year I am more into the throwback seventies style, like these I found on Salt City Optics.
Super cute, right?!?  Salt City has the option of prescription sunglasses too.  I am thinking my old lady eyes needs these. I have prescription glasses and don't wear them ever as often as I should!  Maybe with super cute sunglasses like these I'd be more inclined too!

My Favorite Suit:  This bikini is the only new bathing suit I purchased this year.  And I LOVE it. Give Adore Me a try {here}!  It doesn't exactly go great with my cover- up, but that's ok....
This is not me...obviously!!  :)

Another MUST:This summer I have been trying a sunscreen with an SPF of 55, especially on my face, thanks to my sun spots.  I am loving Neutrogena  Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen.  It's not greasy and works really, really well!!  When I went to Florida back in May, I put this on everywhere, seeing as it was my first foray into the sun in months...and came back with NOTHING!!!  It basically ruined my whole day!  HA!!  But it does it's job!!

The Ultimate Summer Playlist: One of my favorite parts of last year's summer essentials, was the playlist I included!  There's nothing better than sitting out in the sun, putting my tunes on and blocking out the rest of the world for a while!  Here are some of the songs I am loving this summer! Some of these are probably old but since I mostly listen to my old school ipod from 10 years ago, they're new to me! (Some of these you've seen on the blog before and thanks to a recent wedding I went to, my sister and her neighbors 4th of July party for introducing me to some of these!  HA!!)

I Don't Like It, I Love It- Flo Rida
Cheerleader- OMI
See You Again- Wiz Khalifa
Fight Song-Rachel Platten  
Time of Our Lives- Pitbull and Ne-Yo
Honey, I'm Good- Andy Grammar
House Party- Sam Hunt
Crash and Burn- Thomas Rhett
Fun- Pit Bull
Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding
Love You Like That- Canaan Smith
American Kids- Kenny Chesney (can't wait to see him in August!)
Danza Kuduro- Don Omar & Lucenzo 
(This one is completely in Spanish...and no I have absolutely no idea what they are saying but it just makes me wanna DANCE!!!)

What are your summer essentials?  Is there anything you think I may have forgotten??  Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!


  1. Great list! I agree with all of it! I would also include a cute bag!

    1. Oh man!! I should have added my bag!! I have one that I love!! Great call...

  2. I wish I could wear hats....seriously, I look so wrong in them. You make me jealous! That bikini is so cute, once again I have had two kids and my abs look like um....yeah moving on. I use Ocean Potion Anti Aging Sunscreen SPF 30 and girl....it has done me quite well. I'm a fair skin girl and I actually get some tan tones and no burn. Watch OUT! Does this comment make me sound 85? Off to cry in my coffee! You're one of my most faves!!! xo Amanda

    1. LOL...You're so sweet!! I am totally looking that sunscreen up! Thanks for the tip!!

  3. Oh, I love seeing other people's playlists!!!!

  4. You look FAB in that hat!!! I love a good hat for summer!

  5. OH my gosh, I love that you did the playlist, such a great idea! Am going to look them up.

  6. Great list! I'm loving those sunglasses and that suit!! I would add a pair of Old Navy flip flops. (It's pretty much the only shoes I wear in the summer. Ha!) :)

  7. Such a great playlist. I LOVE your hat, and your new bathing suit is so cute!

  8. I use the same sunscreen. It's amazing!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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