Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer in an INSTA!!

Hard to believe summer is coming to end!!  The new school year is way too close for my tomorrow!!! WAHHHHH!!!   I don't wanna go back.  Don't get me wrong...I love my job, I love the kids and I love my teacher-friends!  But I'm gonna miss the lazy days of summer!  I love the sleeping in. Even though these days, 7:30 is sleeping in! Sipping my coffee and reading blog posts in bed, lounging in the sun listening to my iPod for hours, margaritas, and I'll miss my TAN most of all!! LOL
BUT I am looking forward to FALL!!!  Wearing my riding boots and leggings and my booties and jeans again. Can't wait to break out all the clothes I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Cuz...yea...I shopped this summer too!!

Even though I can't tell ya where the summer went, it was a great one!  I went to concert after concert (a separate blog post about all of them coming soon!!), had countless family BBQs, a few beach days and days by the pool and ate out a lot (maybe too much).  Went to a parade and some fireworks too!!

And I captured it all on Instagram!  This year I've been doing a daily photo #katiedaily2014... and I started my #100happydays on the last day of school, but along the way those 100 days got lost in the shuffle.  But isn't everyday of summer a happy day!?!?!

Here's some of my favorite photos (in absolutely no particular order!!):

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Hello September... Have a Happy Labor Day!!


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  1. So fun to see your Insta recap! Looks like you had an amazing summer!


  2. Such a lovely collection of photos.


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