Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow Day Friday!

{This post has been a long time coming...I haven't been able to get my act together to post on Fridays!}

Home cozy for another snow day today after Mother Nature dumped 13 inches of snow here!  Three cheers for snow days and the unexpected long weekend!

{ONE} They call me Aunt Katie!
It seems that I've been having lots of time with my friends and their kids these days!  HA!  And I am loving every minute of it!  I always joke that "Aunt Katie crashes playdates"!  I was lucky enough to see all my sisters and their sweet kids too!  The time I get to spend with my family and friends who are family are always my favorite!

{TWO} My new normal!
I've always heard it said that it was better NOT to wash your hair every day!  I never really subscribed to that until this year!  And now I can even get away with the every other, sometimes two/three days off, thanks to my new straightener and products!  My sister was my secret santa this year and got me the 2- inch flat iron I had asked for.  With it, she threw in a bottle of Haute Spray.  This magical stuff makes my hair so shiny and straight.  I spray it on my wet hair before drying then spray it on as protectant for the flat iron.  I have been loving how my hair has been coming out! And I now also have a new dry shampoo for blondes (another thing my sister told me about) for those in between days! Helps to keep my hair looking fresh longer and it's hint of color helps with my roots!  Find both products here!

{THREE}  My essential oils bracelet
When my sister was over not too long ago,  she picked up some essential oils I had ordered for her and brought me this really cool Lava Rock bracelet, that you put essential oils on.  I'm really loving it!  And I was sniffing it like mad to keep from getting sick.  The flu, stomach virus, strep throats and bad colds have plagued my school this week, with about a third of the students out....these two snow days could not have some at a better time!

{FOUR} Movies at the Mini Theater!
My hometown has the cutest little one room theater that I always wondered why I never went to.  So in 2017, I decided I would start going!  I've already seen three movies there this year and plan to head to the theater to see the Oscar nominated Animated Shorts there on Sunday!  The theater is the BEST!  It's cheaper than the bigger theaters, and has a bar to boot! LOL

{FIVE} The R+F Lash Dash Challenge
I caved!!  I can't resist a challenge and since I have not been spending money on clothes or shoes lately, I thought I'd take some of that money and spend it on bettering ME.(More than clothes and shoes can, I guess!!)  For close to a year now, a friend of mine has been trying to get me into Rodan + Fields.   After using Proactiv, for years, I  tried one of the regimens about two years ago, but found it to be too pricey to just keep up with.  Well, lately she's been posting pics of her fabulous, full lashes...that I now know are thanks to an R+F product called Lash Boost.  When she mentioned a Lash Boost Challenge,I was intrigued.  I contemplated the three month cost, figured out a way to swing it, and was on board!! Her Challenge runs from the 30th or January to March 27th, with prizes throughout.  I thought it would be a fun, so I joined!  I've already received a few perks from the challenge and am really liking Lash Boot!

These  are my no makeup/untouched "before" lashes!! LOL

It's Friday....have you been over to The Blended Blog yet?  Lana's sharing her loves from online this week!!

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  1. This was a fun post to read! I'm totally intrigued by your lava rock bracelet. Andrea got me an oil locket for our Secret Santa this summer but I could totally use a bracelet too!

  2. Happy Friday, sweet friend! What a fun post! I'm certain you are the best aunt those kiddos could have! I'm sure they are all enjoying their time with you just as much as you do the time with them. :) I am so with you on the hair washing! Until probably the past year I'd also washed mine daily. Now I'm loving going every other day with an occasional third day in there now and then too. I need to check out that product you mentioned. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your long weekend and your time at that fun theater this weekend too! xo - Brenda //

  3. Hey fabulous girl! Long time no visit but here I am!!! I love your posts so much. That theater sounds simply fantastic (probably because of the bar). YES to the hair chat. I hate washing my hair these days so I flat iron and dry shampoo away LOL! I need to try that one for blondes. I hope the snow kills all the germs and spring moves on east. XoXo Amanda

  4. It is seriously like a challenge to me now to see how many days I can get buy without washing my hair!! I think the longest has been 5 but that last day was definitely under a hat. Now I just dread having to wash it. Hope you are loving the lash bash...I LOVE it and have had great results.


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