Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer's Guilty Pleasures!

Linking up today with the ladies of The Blended Blog to share Summer's Guilty Pleasures.  Who doesn't indulge and splurge a bit in the summer.  For me, the summertime brings freedom and possibility.  With being off all summer, I'm basically free to do as I please.  And by the time the middle of August hits, I am snapped back to reality and realize, that yes, this summer I spent too much, ate too much and drank too much...and I NEED to get back to work to help pay for it all!!
Here are some of my favorite summer guilty pleasures.

Definitely spending way too much time in the sun {and loving it}!!
If it's sunny, my butts in a lounge chair!  My moto, "Everybody looks better with a tan!"

Putting off just about everything house related!
Laundry and cleaning can wait til a rainy day!

Which brings me to my next one...binge watching tv series.
This one is a little hard to do during the school year!  But on a rainy day in summer, I basically feel no guilt if I watch 10 consecutive episodes of an entire series. Or over four days while on vacation...because you don't have hulu at home! #thehandmaidstale

Guilty Pleasure Show: Married at First Sight
I don't really watch much tv in the summer other than the binging I mentioned above, but this summer I got back into Married at First Sight. I watched it once awhile ago and after none of the couples stayed together, I was over it.  But then I saw that it was relaunching on Lifetime this summer and watched.  The show totally stresses me the F out, but I really liked this summer's season.  All three couples remained together in the end and particularly enjoyed Anthony and Ashley's story. I need an Anthony in my life!!
People Magazine Online

This summer I discovered the joy of audiobooks.  And while I'd never say reading was a guilty pleasure, I think listening to books on audio just might be.  While I'm sitting in the sun I can listen.  And sometimes I'll keep listening and listening because I just need to finish this chapter!!  I can't even count the number of audiobooks I've read this summer!  And have yet to do a blog book review because there's so many.  I read paperbacks and ebooks all summer long too, but audiobooks I think are definitely a guilty pleasure!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I have to add the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as guilty pleasure.  It's definitely something I look forward to in the summer! And I shop with abandon.  Thank the good Lord for free shipping and free returns!!  By the time it's over though, I can't say I'm not a little bit happy!!  By now all my returns have been shipped, I've scored a few things with my rewards, and am all set for Fall to arrive.

How much fun!!  What are you guilty pleasures in the summer?  Head over to The Blended Blog and link 'em up {here}!  Have a great Monday ya'll!  I headed out for a day in the sun!


  1. I forgot about that anniversary sucks online for us, but I was lucky enough to go to one with Calgary and indulge!

  2. omg, I used to watch MAFS alllll the time!! But I got off it because no one stayed together. Knowing that people stayed together makes me want to get back on board! And it's on lifetime now? amazing! Also, I am ALWAYS in the sun in the summer when I'm off! Love it!

  3. While on travel for work I watched a few episodes of MAFS, and it was so good, but I don't have cable! Yes to Hand Maids Tale! So good!

  4. I've never even heard of that show! (I live under a rock...) Your tan is amazing. And yes to audio books!! I can "read" so many more books this way!

  5. Married at First Sight - yeah, baby!! Those three couples were terrific. So glad they stayed together.

    Audiobooks, yes.
    Tanning, not so much any more.

    My daughter Brennyn is loving The Hand Maid's Tale. Guess need to try it.

    Enjoy your last few days of summer, sweets!!

  6. as always, I have tan-envy... I wish I had the summer off to lay outside... oh and a babysitter to watch the kids at the same time lol
    audiobooks are seriously my fave!


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