Monday, July 2, 2018

TBB Asks: Vacation Edition

Monday Monday!!  And July?!?  Summer please slow down!  Back to blogging today, Linking up with my fellow blended bloggers for TBB Asks!  This time around we're talking VACATIONS!  Sadly this summer I don't have one planned, but I'm still doing some fun things here at home.  Today they I'm glad to just reminisce about vacations of yester-years!

1- Will you go on vacation this year?  
Nope!  But I am dog-sitting my sister's dog for almost two her house, where there's a pool, so I'm just going to pretend it's a resort!

2- Do nothing but relax or pack it all in?
If I'm being honest, relaxing is my preferred getaway!  But depending on the destination, sometimes ya gotta do the tourist thing.

3- What month do you like to vacation?
Typically August!  My family went to the Outer Bank for years in August.  Kids down there are back in school and prices for vacation rentals drop a bit because of it works in our favor.  Same with all the cruises I used to take.  Well, prices drop because of that in late August because you're sailing during hurricane season!  HA!

4- Cruise...YES of NO?
I've been on I think 8 at this point, so I'm a YES!

5- Favorite Vacation Tradition?
Trips to the Outer Banks with my family!

6- Most Memorable vacation? 
That's really hard!  I';d say each vacation I take is memorable in it's own way.  Maybe last Summer in the Outer Banks because my sister got married!

7- Pack Light or Pack it All?
Again, it depends...if I'm flying I try to pack light!  But if it's to a drive-able destination I pack it all!!

8- Hotel, Condo or House?
Mostly houses, but I do enjoy a good hotel.  I am never disappointed with a hotel bed!

9- Favorite thing to eat on vacation?
Does anything and everything count??  Because,'s vacation!!  Woo Hoo!!

10- Warm or Cold Destinations?
HANDS DOWN...WARM!!  Give me all the beaches!!

So much fun!! Now I really do want to go on vacation this summer!!   Can't wait to read everyone's answers, so link on up!!


  1. Holy crow. 8 cruises, we’ve never been in one, lol. The Outer Bank sounds heavenly!

  2. I'm all about the warm destinations, too! Is it really a vacation if you're not at a beach? ;)

  3. What is this magical Outer Banks that you speak of????

  4. Wow! So many cruises! Where have you gone and which one was your favorite?

  5. Yes to all the beaches! That is so smart about going to Outer Banks in August when they are in school. We have tried to go on trips at the very beginning of June when many northern schools are still in session. I love beating the crowds! Have a happy 4th!


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