Saturday, April 4, 2015

High Five for...Saturday!!

Yesterday I linked up with my bloggy buddies for one of my favorite posts!  We shared our favorite books.  I got so many recommendations!!  I wrote them all down and I think I'm set for the year!  HA!  I didn't link up with the Friday 5 ladies, but since I've been up since the crack of dawn and have lots of things I wanna talk from about this week , I'm putting together a five for your Saturday Morning, to enjoy with your coffee!!  Here goes...

I can't stop laughing at this...I'm a full on country music fan and typically only listen to what loaded on my old school iPod, so I only hear today's music on things like this on FB and YouTube (or The Voice!) I really like this song!!  And this is hilarious.

I didn't get a weekend recap up this past Monday, but on Saturday night I had a Gone Girl Girls Night with my sisters and bestie.   We went to my sister's house for Mexican and the movie.  We planned this on my birthday night when we found out that my sister Tara was reading the book, thinking that a month and half later she would be done with the book.  Well, she wasn't!  But we kept the date and watched the movie.  I mentioned when this movie came out in the theater, that I would probably wait to watch this on DVD, because I have such a love-hate relationship with this book.  Thank goodness I didn't pay to see this in the movies.  I was not a fan!!!!!  What a crazy psycho!!!!

On Monday I found a little package at my door.  I got another Influenster #VoxBox.  This time it was one product...Carefree Pantyliners.  I received this complimentary to test and review to find out why #FreshisFierce.  These things are tiny!!  Which is good! I use pantyliners way more than one would think (is that too TMI?!?) but I really like these and would definitely buy them. Happy the box came with a coup too! I'm happy I was chosen to receive this #VoxBox and am so glad I signed up for Influenster this earlier year!

Another thing I got in the mail this week was a Stitch Fix package. It was my 4th.  I have never blogged about any of my boxes. I don't get one a month like is recommended.  I do every other.  I always like what's in my box but I don't have a consistent stylist (because I'm not a frequent enough Stitch Fixer!).  I did keep one item this time which is typical of me!    I liked all the others, but I had similar items that were in my box! This happens a lot.  I think this means that I'm doing well in the style department.  I really, really loved a pair of pants they sent me, but they were supposed to be cropped and me, being me, they were too long. I also didn't like the $98 price tag.  HA!!  Recently, Stitch Fix said they now carried petite, so maybe in my next one I'll get a pair of petite pants.  I really think Stitch Fix is convenient and fun and would really recommend giving it a try.  Check it out here!

Here's what I kept.  I like the zip back, high/low hem and colors.  I can wear this with navy cropped pants I have or coral shorts.  When I wear it, I'll put it in a #WIWW post!
Easter Sunday I'm gonna wear a dress I got in my last Fix.  It's still chilly here!! BOOOOOO!!! Follow me on Insta to check it out!! I'm @missmitch2!

So, if you've been reading the blog these last few days or follow me on Insta, you know that on Wednesday at 3 p.m. I started my Spring Break!  Woo Hoo!!  Well, I think I already need to go back to work.  Because a) I still wake up early (not 5:45 early but...) and b) I tweeted Carson Daly yesterday during the Today Show and got a little too excited when he tweeted me back!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  But c'mon...I was such a TRL Girl!!  And I really did wanna know about that zucchini chocolate muffin!! 

Have a happy Saturday and a Blessed Easter Sunday!!

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  1. I've been wanting to try StitchFix for quite a while now! I'm not big on clothes shopping, so I really think it'd be perfect for me.

    And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Five on Friday!

  2. I like that StitchFix top. Lots of possibilities. I loved getting a StitchFix box, like Christmas! But, like you, I often have something very similar to what I receive in my box. Will look forward to seeing you in this great top.

  3. I like that StitchFix top. Lots of possibilities. I loved getting a StitchFix box, like Christmas! But, like you, I often have something very similar to what I receive in my box. Will look forward to seeing you in this great top.

  4. Wait a minute! Carson Daly--oh Mylanta! How cool! OK, I have got to get active on this Twitter thing--I would have died from excitement :) And I'm loving the shirt :)

  5. That is so cool that Carson Daly tweeted you! I love the Voice and him too!

  6. I totally love to watch movies at home instead of in theaters. That said, I went and watched Cinderella in theaters a few weeks ago and it was an AMAZING experience. The local movie theater had installed actual recliners for seats!!!


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