Thursday, April 16, 2015

I might have a problem....

When you're home on Spring Break, and not off on some exotic vacation, there's no excuse to put off the Spring Cleaning.  So that's what I've been doing!!  Cleaning out drawers, closets, under my bed, cleaning the closets, etc.  I find when I do this type of cleaning, I spend more time going through things and reminiscing.  I also realized that I may have a problem.  It's a jewelry problem.  I might have too much!!  Organizing my jewelry organizers this clicked!  HA!

This is one it's just two-sided!

This one is just for my bracelets and for larger pieces that I don't need to worry about getting tangled.

After organizing the hanging things, I headed over to organize the jewelry on my dresser!  I won this jewelry organizer form and tray, along with a bunch of Lia Sophia last year at my school's action.  I really love it!!  Pretty cool!!

This is my most reached for jewelry!

The other side of my dresser holds my old school jewelry box that I received as a gift years and years ago!  I very rarely open it.  But inside is my oldest and most precious pieces.
Cleaning, I decided to open it and a huge smile came across my face!  So many special pieces I hadn't seen in forever!!

This egg pendent, I got from my Nana YEARS ago.  It's from  The Franklin Mint circa 1978, two years before I was even born.  When I was little, my sisters and I used to have sleepovers at my Nana and Pop's house.  I loved it.  We had ice cream, root beer floats, and watched the Golden Girls.  I remember those days like they were yesterday.  My Nana and I must have been doing some Spring Cleaning of her jewelry, when I admired this and she gave it to me.  I will admit to never having worn it, just because it was to delicate but am so thankful to have it. 

This locket I got after my Nana passed away!  That's my Pops in there.  I wore this many times following my Nana's death, but now unfortunately the locket doesn't lock.  Just having it though is a great reminder of the love my grandparents shared.

These are some of my first pieces of jewelry...these name pieces were really big in the 80's.  It hurts my heart that I don't remember who I received them from or why.  I tried to ask my sisters but they were unsure too!  
My first birth stone ring, initial ring and claddagh.  The initial ring I know I received for my communion from my aunt and uncle.  It is the first ring I ever remember receiving.

My jewelry box with these special pieces in it, is rarely ever opened these days, but I am so glad I took the time to do this.

I've also been scoping out more jewelry online (because clearly this is what I do!  ha!!) and found an awesome site that has really great jewelry actions called  Invaluable.  I am not looking to auction off my own jewelry any time soon but it's fun to see so many beautiful jewelry pieces out there!

A girl can dream...a girl can dream!!


  1. Love that you have your nana's jewelry. I was blessed enough to have some of my great grandmothers jewelry and will treasure it forever!

  2. What a sweet post. I have the inclination to save things rather than use them and enjoy them. Silly things like special soaps, or stationery, or perfume. But I have decided to start enjoying them rather than saving them. No time like the present. Please think about looking into getting your locket fixed so you can wear it! Love your sweet heart!

  3. First, I'm super impressed that you have held onto some of your old fun 80's jewelry. I am a thrower awayer (is that a word?) But yes, I am in the cleaning mood and I feel the need to get rid of a ton of things.


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