Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Christmas Gift Exchange!!

So excited to be participating in the Christmas Gift Exchange with the ladies of The Blended Blog this year!! The swap is coordinated on Elfster, which I love because it's super secret (not like the Secret Santa I participate in with my family!)

My gift arrived last week and I debated opening it until it was time to write this post, but I just couldn't wait. I was super-excited that sweet Leslie was my secret Elfster!

 She filled my box we so many wonderful gifts. I was touched by the sweet message in her card and how hard she worked on the gift to make it me!!

 Here's what was included!
This super cute wine grass ornament is just perfect and right at home on my tree!!

This pretty snowflake wine stopper is awesome...and so needed!! I was just thinking about how I wanted to get one!!

These cute Christmas cocktail napkins will be the perfect addition to my Christmas Eve gathering!!

So will this raspberry chipotle dipping sauce. Yum! It says for grilling, marinade, and dipping and dipping! So I am going to serve some for dipping on Christmas Eve so we can all enjoy it!!

And last but not least Leslie sent these, too cute for words, wine bottle koozies!!

I was so touched that Leslie sent one for me and my best friend, Mel. You may remember that back in August for Friendship day, Mel and I joined forces with Leslie and her sister Valerie for a blog post about best friends.   Leslie is always so sweet to comment on my insta pics with Mel and tell me how our lifelong friendship is so special!! It was so kind of her to remember us BOTH this Christmas!! WE LOVE YOU LESLIE!!!!

A huge thank you, Leslie for my gifts!! I love them all...you know me so well!! LOL!
During this Christmas season, Leslie, I wish you and all your family the most Blessed of holidays. And nothing but great things and good health in 2016. So many exciting things to look forward to for you all!!

Much Love,


Now please head on over to Sheila's blog to see what I sent her in the gift exchange!!


  1. Hahaha! These gifts are PERFECT! I love the scarves for the wine. How cute is that?! I loved my gifts! They were very thoughtful! Thank you!!! I hope you have a very merry Christmas!
    ~ Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

  2. Love it all! Those wine coozies are great!

  3. That wine topper is great!! I also love the wine glass:) so fun!

  4. what thoughtful gifts!!!! she clearly honed in on your love of wine :)

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  5. I notice that the wine ornament is hanging next to a starbucks one.... we like the same drinks :) Merry Christmas Katie!

  6. I love that she gave you something for your BFF...great gifts, Leslie!
    Shoes to Shiraz

  7. How sweet of Leslie to include something for your BFF too! They are super cute! Very thoughtful gifts, I love that each person in our exchange really went out of their way to find the perfect gift!

  8. Oh, boy, sitting here with tears in my eyes and on my cheeks. What a sweet post. I just love you. Can't wait to see pics from your Christmas Eve gathering. Pour a little of the Chipotle sauce onto a block of softened cream cheese and serve with crackers. Or put a dab of whipped cream cheese on some crackers and drizzle with the Chipotle. Addicting. Enjoy!! XOXOXOXO

  9. What fun gifts! Have a wonderful Christmas, Katie.

    Daily Style Finds

  10. You two have the sweetest bond and friendship. I truly hope you'll meet in person one day! Perfect gifts for you Katie. Love those wine koozies for you and Mel. So sweet!

  11. Her gifts to you are PERFECT! Isn't it wonderful how we've all gotten to know each other so well. I love it all!

  12. What an awesome gift! Wine things, food things, and a little extra for a friend!

  13. Love all the wine gifts! So fun! Merry Christmas, Katie! :)

  14. Those wine bottle cozies are fantastic! Love them!


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