Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Musings II

Back with another edition of Monday Musings!  Recapping the good and random  in an otherwise blah day!!

Woke up early!  Quite simply because I don't sleep anymore!  But it gives me the chance to do a quick run through of social media in bed with coffee before I actually have to get up, and inevitably start running

Today my usual uniform of leggings and boots was replaced with pants and sneakers, because I'm walking home later.  I like to wear sneakers when I walk...commuter style!  So at a quarter to six, I ran my pants through the steam fresh in my dryer.  I'm not sure if my neighbors can hear this but oh well...because WARM PANTS!!  LOL

Is it weird that I do my best cleaning in the five minutes I had between being ready and waiting for my ride to come??  Because I did...and I felt good about it!

Snacks in the faculty room got me feeling like YAY!  But BOO at the same time...because I can't resist.  I should really eat breakfast.

Today was the first day of Catholic Schools Week. In our Community.  It was a quiet day with the exception of a quick assembly after lunch.  Actually it was really nice!  Prayers and songs  for reflection.  But I will principal has an affinity for the funeral songs...Amazing Grace, Eagle's Wings!  Way to keep it upbeat buddy!!  But honestly, this is a fun week for us.  We are not "doing" as much as in the past, but if I can dress down twice this week...I'm happy!!  :)  Up tomorrow is Vocation Day.  Clergy and family will discuss their vacations and careers with the students.

The sun was shining today so that's always a plus and puts me in a better mood.  But it's still too cold for my blood.  A Kindergartner asked me while walking over to the assembly why I was running and sounding like I was out of breath...."Because i t's COLD CHILD!!"  I told him I was not meant for this weather...I like sunny and 80's!

Really excited for The Blended Blog's Virtual Book Club! I have been reading like a mad woman to get ready.  I even brought my book to school.  Didn't get to read much during the day but plan on getting cozy and reading awhile before bed.  I've set a goal of 100 pages a day to be able to get through it before reviewing it later in February on the blog.  There's still time to get in on the fun!!  Sign up here!

Speaking of February, it's around the corner and today my birthday (and all February birthdays)  was posted in the faculty room for all to see! Great!! I got a lot of questions about what "we" were doing from faculty friends! LOL  I told them I had plans with my sisters on that night but all were welcome to Sunday Funday on the 19th!  Not really sure what came over me!! Not a birthday celebration...just Sunday Funday!

Today I seriously considered buying myself a desktop computer!  I get so much done at my desktop computer at school.  At home it's so easy to keep the laptop shut!  Outta sight, outta mind!  But for now, I'll just have to wait!  It's just not in the budget!

 Tonight finds me with quesadillas for dinner and getting the house set for company tomorrow and for the month of February!
Some weeks I don't post a thing, some weeks I post twice in one day!  I posted all about these Cherished Teddies Keepsakes here this morning!

Love ending my day with a laugh!!  #zingoforlife

No wine tonight...I'll save that for tomorrow with my sister, but maybe a little hot chocolate while I read my book!  Looking forward to that and my bed!

Hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. You are so cute, Katie! I cannot wait to meet you!

  2. I'm so impressed you get so many things done before work! I rolled out of bed like 20 minutes before I had to leave today. Terrible!


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