Monday, January 30, 2017

Nuggets for the New Year: Keeping the Keepsakes!

Excited today to be linking up for The Blended Blog's next installment of Nuggets for the New Year!  Last time I joined in on the Planning fun, and although I didn't post about Budgeting or Decluttering, I learned a whole heck of a lot... LOL

But today's link up focuses on Keeping the Keepsakes, and at first thought, I din't think I had much to share.  I don't consider myself a very sentimental person and love throwing things away.  But a second glance around my house, made me realize, I have lots of Keepsakes I've saved over the years and have many things that are precious to me that I intend on keeping forever and ever!

The first few you've seen in my Christmas posts.  This nativity was my Nana's and was part of the original Hummel collections way bay in the 1950's.  After my Nana passed away, my Aunt sent it to me I was the only granddaughter who was not married and had not had her own Hummel nativity started.  HA!  But I was so happy my Nana wanted to gift it to me.  Being sent from far away, then moved numerous times before I actually had a place of my own, I opened it to find, some animal pieces were damaged and broken beyond repair.  But the most most important, Holy Family, Wise Men, and Angels stayed intact.  I am 100% God had a hand in that.  It's a pretty large set and the pieces I were left with fit perfectly where I have them.  Every time I look at the Nativity, I think of my Nana!  Each of her grand daughters also have a number of my Nana's Hummels as well.

The Christmas stocking and tree skirt my mom made me are keepsakes for sure.  My mom put so much time and energy into stitching every last piece.

My mom has always been a sentimentalist. And she wants her daughters to be as well.  So she has stared gifting us handmade items she created. Usually, we get one as a Christmas gift, but this cork wreath she made was a new home gift!  I love it and will keep it forever.   And it's pretty freaking cool!

When I was about 11/12 I received a really fun gift from my best friend Mel.  It was a Cherished Teddies Figurine.  At the time it was a brand new figurine collection (like Precious Moments) of resin teddy bears.  I opened the box to find the Katie Bear with the tagline, " a friend always knows when you need a hug!" 

 It was pretty perfect for us.   Mel gave it to me with the intention that I'd start collecting them.  And did I ever!!  From that day on I collected Cherished Teddies for YEARS!!  I loved them so much I even joined the CLUB!  And Mel, my mom and everyone else, always had something to buy me.  When I lived at home I had shelves filled with Cherished Teddies.  I think I stopped collecting them because I just ran out of room!  

When I moved out and got a place of my own, they stayed packed away for a while!  But then I figured out how to incorporate them into my decor.  I swap out the seasonal/holiday Cherished Teddies and place them on my TV cabinet now that my TV is on the wall, like this...
They've made a few appearances on the blog and in my Insta feed from time to time!

 I also have a few others on shelves in my guest room.  Research for this post led me to find that Cherished Teddies are still around and that kinda has me wanting to pic up a new one for old time sake.  

Ya know after writing this, I am thinking more and more of the many keepsakes I have....I could write for days!  I have a box full of keepsakes from high school. My scrapbook from when I was 6, photo albums from college and lots of cards and things I've kept over the years from students....I guess I'm rather sentimental after all!  :)

Have a Happy Monday!!


  1. I love that your mom makes you sentimental gifts!

  2. the winecork wreath!!!!!! LOVE!!!
    Christmas keepsakes are my fave


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