Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Festive Christmas me choose!!

It's been quite a while since I've shared any type of fashion post.  The winter sees me in my uniform of leggings and boots with not much motivation to get at all gussied up in the mornings!!  But when I heard Christy was showcasing her festive Christmas sweater today over at The Blended Blog and was looking for others to join her, I jumped at the chance.

I've found that as I get older, the teacher in me (or maybe just the fool!) is dressing up more and more and getting into "it" during the holidays.  I wear the festive scaves, socks, even leggings!!  And it really is just so much fun!!

But Christmas is all about the sweaters!  Some may call them ugly, and there's a time and a place for that, but I perfer to call festive!  Especially when we all wear them on the last day of school before Chrsitmas break!  My collection has grown quite  bit!

Here are some of my favorites!!

This one is pretty ugly too...but I liked it too because it's like the game Pac-Man and being a technology teacher, I thought I needed it.  My students enjoyed it!

This is admittedly my "ugly" sweater go-to!

It's still up in the air what I'm going to wear this year and I'd love your help!!   In the comments below let me know if I should rock my reindeer vest or my sweet elf!!


  1. If you are going for classic 'ugly' I'd go with the vest. With thta being said I like your re naming of the festive sweater!

  2. Elf one all the way! And wow you have a lot of Christmas sweaters...I have exactly zero...oops! Love all of the ones you have!

  3. So hard to choose because they're both cute! I vote elf.

  4. Lol you gotta go with the vest!


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