Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Countdown to Christmas Break!

A pair of bookend posts was all I could muster this week!  The last week before break was officially the longest ever!!  And in a few short hours, I'll be on Christmas vacation!!  So that's definitely my number one fave of the week, for sure!!  

So, so true!!

Here's a few more to take me sliding into break!

/TWO/  Mom's DIY Christmas Surprise!!
This week my mom surprised me with an early Christmas gift.  She mad my sisters and I this super cute Christmas decoration, and wanted me to have it as soon as she finished it, so she brought it over.  it is so cute.  And I know she spent a lot of time thinking about it, planning, and working on it, so it makes it that much more special.  And I'll take a random Wednesday Happy Hour with mom any day! Mom's homemade gifts are now a tradition....check out what she made us last year here!

/THREE/ Festive Leggings!
I have been living in super cozy festive leggings this week!  They're not THE leggings, but they're a bit cheaper, buttery soft and all around freaking fabulous!!  A mom at my school sells them and I was introduced to them by her at the breakfast with Santa, a few weeks ago...and now have 4 pairs!  LOL!

/FOUR/ Christmas Photo booth!
On the first day of school, I created a frame for the kids to pose with (
check it out here).  And since those pics are still up in the front hall and so very badly needed to be replaced, I thought a fun thing to replace them with would be Christmas Photo Booth pics.  I got some fabric at Jo-Ann's, colored and printed some props, and the kids had a blast posing in the photo booth on pajama day! 

/FIVE/ Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas
If posting this as a fave makes me a little bit of a loser, I DON'T CARE!!  Because I know everybody secretly watches the Hallmark Channel all season long.  And I just love it!!  A few months ago I downgraded my cable and lost The Hallmark Channel because my bill was just getting out of control! Then on December st the cost for cable rose again, so I downgraded... again!  But then, when I went to go watch something and even that channel was now blocked, so I had had enough of the nonsense!!  How could I live without some of my most favorite channels?  So I totally went back to my original package and I know I'm going to be paying an arm and a leg, but I'll deal...I just won't by so many clothes in the new year!  HA!!  Because you know what?  Cheesy Hallmark movies make me happy!!  And I have been watching them nonstop since I upgraded Saturday!!  LOL

As the Christmas and New Year Holidays draw near, I just wanted to thank you all for visiting, reading and commenting on the blog all year long!!  I know these last few months the blogs have been few and far between, but I think you for always sticking with me.

Have the Merriest of Chrsitmases...Cheers to everything the New Year brings!

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  1. Visiting from the link up! The Christmas photo booth is so cute, enjoy your Christmas vacation!

  2. Your mom is adorable & I love her gift to you!
    Love those leggings, too!! I told someone the other day that I feel bad for men because they can't throw on fleece lined leggings and a long shirt & call it an acceptable outfit!! I'm all about cozy lately!
    Merry Christmas, Katie!! Have a fantastic break!

  3. Your mom is so precious and what a sweet tree she made! And let's talk about how cute your festive leggings are and your cute little self in that photo booth, ha ha! Great Friday Favs my friend and wishing you a very merry Christmas!

  4. Hope you had a very merry Christmas!!

  5. Love your mama's colorful Christmas tree. Enjoyed seeing pics of your winery adventure on FB today. Hope you continue to enjoy your holiday break. XO

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves cheesy Hallmark movies this time of year. And that photo booth looks so fun. Your students are lucky to have you!


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