Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Home Tour with The Blended Blog!

Happy Monday!

How is it that we are less than two weeks away from Christmas!  That is just crazy!  My presence on the blog has been less and less as the year comes to a close but I am happy to be back today sharing a glimpse of my home at Christmas time with some of my favorite Blended Blog buddies! If you're stopping by from Sheila's blog and you've made it this far in the Hop, I thank you!  :)  I've really enjoyed getting to peek into everyone's homes today!

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you've seen my little home.  I love my home, but no more so than at Christmas!  I can't wait to show you the few new touches I put on this year!  Come on in....

My mom made this snowman last year at Christmas for each of my sister's and I!

This year I got a new tree and I'm so happy with it!  It's a foot and a half taller and really fits in the space well.  My tree is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.
I'm loving the new bow pillow I got at Pier 1, too...there are tons of cute ones!

My tree skirt and matching stocking were made by my mom.  She gave me the tree skirt the first year I had my own tree in my first apartment and then she gave me the matching stocking my first Christmas in my condo.  I know how much time they took her, but I love them and know I'll have them forever!  Just like my mom still has her handmade tree skirt form the year she was married in 1971.

Living in a condo, my place is basically one big great room!  This is the living area...

My mom made me my handmade stocking but this is my original stocking from my first Christmas in 1980.  This Christmas pillow I got on super sale last year from Primitives by Kathy.  Actually a number of my Christmas decorations are from her site, either given to me as gifts or bought on sale at the end of the season!

My nativity is really special to me, too.  It was passed down to me from my grandmother.  It is a Hummel nativity from the 1950's.  I know it might be a little unorthodox, but I believe it fits really well on my wine table!

Now that my TV is on the wall, I use my TV stand as a display place.  I switch this up a little bit every year!  This is this year's Christmas version!

The WANTED sign stays up there year round!  
Here's a close-up!

The kitchen is pretty Christmassy as well.

My corner nook!

My mom claims she worries about my wine consumption, but then she buys me awesome wine tags like that one!  HA!!  I also enjoy running my diffuser this time of year with Christmas Spirit! 

Last but not least is my Christmas card holder, which is just a ribbon hanging from my pantry!  I really like this simple, easy idea.  And it's really a great way to showcase the cards I receive.

I hope you've enjoyed my home at Christmas and loved seeing all of our TBB Homes!!  Wishing you the happiest of holidays...
  Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. I love all your signs the most!! Also yay for wine.

  2. That wanted sign is too funny! My mom made all our stockings too, except for my husbands. It's the same kind as yours, all the little felt pieces all sewn on. We had the same kind growing up as well! Love your matching skirt! Lovely home! Thanks for the tour!

  3. Bha ha ha....jolly men bearing gifts....LOVE IT!! You have the sweetest cozy touches!!

  4. I love all of the homemade touches from your mom. Your decorations are truly a reflection of you! Now I want to come over for a class of wine next to your tree!

  5. Your home is just beautiful, and so you! Your nativity is absolutely stunning, and how wonderful to have all those handmade touches from your mom!

  6. What a precious, priceless keepsake in your Hummel nativity scene. Gorgeous. Your tree is perfect. I love the mom-made tree skirt and stocking. I have a stocking my great aunt made for me when I was in the 3rd grade. Talk about antique! All of your little touches make for a comfy, homey-home that reflects darling YOU.

  7. You have some great signs and that bow pillow, so darn cute!


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