Sunday, February 4, 2018

TBB Asks: Love

The first Monday of the month is always my fave!  Love these #TBBAsks posts!  The first Monday of February, my favorite month, even better!!  Grab the graphic and link up with us too!!

1- Hugs or Kisses?  Definitely both, but I'll admit to getting more hugs...from all my little students on the daily!

2- Candy or Flowers?  I love, love , love flowers! But who doesn't love candy too!?!?  Mostly Chocolate!!

3- Baking or cooking?  Neither, but I cook more than I bake these days!!

4- Do you remember your first kiss?  Even though it wasn't memorable, I do...

5- Favorite Color of Roses? Red roses are very pretty, but I like multicolored bouquets the best.

6- Conversation Hearts?  No but I love the SweetTart Hearts!  So bad for you but so delish!

7- Love notes?  Nope!  #SolitaryLife

8- Decorate for Valentine's Day?  A little bit...

9-  Red or Pink?  I wear more pink, but I like both colors because they're a lot of fun!!

10- Dark Chocolate...definitely!!  It goes best with Red Wine!!

11- Love at First Sight? Nah?  Now, lust at first sight...

12- Valentine's Cards? I don't really give any cards!  They are so expensive!  LOL

13- Favorite Chick Flick?  Oh so many!!  But Pretty Woman is the go-to!!

14- Stay in or Go Out?  On Valentine's Day??  I'm staying in!

Now it's your turn!!  Join in on the fun!!


  1. Ooooh Katie girl, your the first one to post and I “loved” your answers! Pretty Woman is my favorite too! I bet your students love giving you big ole hugs! Your hugs are the BEST!

  2. Love notes. Nope #SolitaryLife just made me giggle! I prefer multi-colored and a variety of flowers more than roses too.

  3. How pretty is that bouquet of multicolor roses?! I also love pink and agree that both colors are a lot of fun ...and so are you, my friend! Thanks for sharing your answers! Hope your week gets off to a great start! xo!

  4. YES! That mug! Haha. And while I don't love dark chocolate, I do like it with red wine!

  5. Hi Katie... love that cup! Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies too. Enjoy your week and I hope that your are sweet to you!!

  6. OH Pretty Woman how I love that movie! I love that mug too! Yes to all the wine!

  7. Interesting- lots of Pretty Women lovers out there!

  8. Why are greeting cards so expensive? And I love multicolored bouquets - then you don't have to pick!

  9. LOVE pretty woman!!! such a good movie! I literally just watched it last weekend lol

  10. Yes to pretty woman! And I love those roses! Thhey are gorgeous!! You look so pretty in pink!!

  11. Number 11!! hahaha :) Love that mug! And that multicolored bouquet of roses...beautiful!


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