Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Three Things...This is Us Edition!

Saw this on my girl Andrea's blog and when she suggested we play along, I jumped on it!!  I just love This is Us so much!!  And since it's finally returning tonight, I thought it was the perfect time to post!

So here goes...

Three Things
The This is Us Edition

3 Favorite Characters
Jack, Jack and Jack!  Just Kidding!

3-Randall (even though he's kinda annoying me this season!!)
Honorable Mention- Dr. K!  Steals the show every time he's on!!  I cried more during the scenes with Dr. K and Rebecca at Jack's services than I did when Jack himself actually died!!

3 things you'd grab from your burning house
1- Pillow and Blanket!  Because I've honestly had these things FOREVER!
2-My purse phone
3-This.... so I never forget that my first home was my happy place!

3 Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes 
1-3 ingredient Taco Chicken (here!)
2-Crock Pot Minestrone (here!)
3-My Sister's Chili! (I should really post the recipe sometime!!)

3 Favorite TV Series of all Time
2-Dawson's Creek
3-Friday Night Lights

3 Favorite Comedies (because Kevin is The Manny!)
Don't watch many comedies anymore, but these are definitely my favorite ever!!
1-The Office
2-Sex and the City (this is totally a comedy!)

3 go-to TV Watching Snacks
1-ice cream!
2-pretzels (the nubbs!!)
3-is wine a snack?!??!

Sadly, speaking of three things, there are just three episodes left until the season finale!!  Nooooo....

Enjoy the show!!


  1. Oh I should have done this for today too! I need to do this...maybe I'll just post late today, hehe :)

  2. Omg I love love love this post! I'm totally going to need to do this too!

  3. Ha ha, is wine a snack? Love! So happy you did this! T-minus one hour. Eek so excited!

  4. OMG, I learned a lot about you from this post and I made connections. #1 I finally found someone who also lists pretzels as one of their favorite snacks. #2 love Parenthood also #3Chili is my go to around the house because everyone always loves it.



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