Monday, March 12, 2018

TBBtalks: Skincare!

Last week's TBB Asks was all about Beauty and kicked off our Beauty themed posts for the month of March.  Today The Blended Blog is rolling right along...we're talking skin care!! #TBBtalks

If I'm being honest, I never really thought too much about my skin.  I know that's scary, but I really didn't.  Other than the "everybody looks better with a tan" mantra, I got going on, my actual skincare was an after-thought.  I am a creature of habit.  I used Mary Kay Time Wise Facial Cleanser for years because my sister sold it, then after noticing gross dark spots on my skin (thank you sunshine!) switched to Kiehls Clearly Corrective

Not too long ago I was introduced to Rodan + Fields thanks to Instagram and Facebook. Actually that's a lie.  I knew about Rodan + Fields because I used Proactiv for years!!  And I actually blamed them for my dark spots!!  LOL Which I now realize was probably all MY fault, because, when it says, "avoid sun exposure" on the label, you should probably listen!!  But me and sunshine go hand and hand...and now, so do me and hats!!!

Anyway, back to the Rodan + Fields skin care line.  Like I said, I was introduced to the line (for adults!) via Facebook and Instagram.  Bloggers and friends were using and selling it and it just kept popping up.  A family friend got me into trying the Lash Boost, which I Love!  A few years ago, via a blogger I actually did give the Reverse Regimen a try.  But in all honesty, I couldn't keep up with it because it was so expensive, (and at the time I wasn't making as much as I am today), and I guess I thought, I'm still young, I have time for this!!

Well fast forward to today!! I am officially OLD!  I went to a Rodan + Fields Party that my sister hosted, where this was pointed out to me quite literally!!

When we got there we took a skin profile, called the solutions tool. I thought for sure it would tell me that my regimen would be Reverse, for the dark spots, but since they've diminished (thanks to this miracle, bought on a whim!!)  my face's primary concern is LINES AND WRINKLES!!!!!   WHAT?!? WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

So my sister had this party, and I was really very good!  I was super conservative with my spending, got a few awesome new products I knew I'd love and DID NOT purchase an entire regimen!!  I was so proud of myself!

Then a few weeks later, I stayed over my sister's house for the night and forgot my face wash.  She, being so super impressed with all the Rodan+Fields products at the party, became a consultant!  So at my disposal was every regimen they offer!  Being that Rodan + Fields had suggested the Redifine Regimen (ya know, for those damn lines and wrinkles!), I tried that!!

And seriously, I'm not even lying, when I say even after night one, I noticed a difference!!  We're all these R+F crazies out there really on to something?  And did I want to hop on their bandwagon??  I was really thinking about it.

I left my sister's house the next day with samples of the Redefine Regimen, which includes 4 steps!  A face wash, a toner,  an a.m. moisture, and a p.m. moisture.  She told me to give a few days and see what I thought!

After day three I was hooked and knew I wanted to get the regimen.  I am really excited I've revamped my beauty routine with the Redefine regimen and it's enhancements!!   I also signed up to to be an R + F Preferred Customer because it has it's perks! So I'm saving money any which way I can. Yes, it's pricey, and yes, I'll have to cut way back on my new clothing budget but is my old lady skin worth it??  YOU BET!!  (And in all honestly, I am writing this blog in the same old pair of leggings and tunic I've worn probably 8 times in two weeks, so why do I continue to spend money on new clothes!?!)   Rodan + Fields says give it six weeks.  So I'm gonna do that...and I'm sure I'll document my progress on the blog!  HA!!

I just received my full redifine regimen in the mail today, with a free lash boost...woo hoo!  (Free lash boost with regimen ends today)  Excited to start using it on the regular!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else uses on their skin.  This is a fun link-up!  And see you back here next week for #TBBTalks Hair care!


  1. I have yet to try any of those RF products...your reviews are pushing me to want to though.

  2. I use RF too! Not super religiously, but I do like it! I have several thing in addition to the regimen!

  3. I agree with Deena. I've heard about about R+F but your glowing review has me thinking I should try!

  4. I use R&F too! It's amzing, and has completely changed my face skin game! I want to try, like Shelly suggested the micro dermabrasion...I love all of the other ones too. I've tried the brightner, which works too, but I think after I run out of this one,I probably won't rebuy that one and just stick with the redefine and that that dermabrasion.

  5. I've never tried R+D, but have heard great things! Do they have something for redness. I have so much freakin' redness! I just started using Vitamin E cream as my night moisturizer. It's supposed to be awesome for wrinkles. Should have started it in my 20s!


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