Thursday, July 21, 2016

Solitary Life 101

Happy Thursday!  One more day til' the weekend...woo hoo!!

Using my insta handle as a post title today!  It's the third installment of You Might Live a Solitary Life If...these are some of my favorite posts EVER!!  Check out the first two here and here!!  Here's the summer edition!

You might live a solitary life if...

  • The thought of not wearing a bra or any makeup all day is the highlight of your day!
  • You forgo taking out the garbage and getting the mail because that requires the above said bra and makeup
  • Ice cream is considered dinner right?!?
  • You've made a meal for two...and eaten yourself.
  • You've gotten carsick traveling outside your three-mile radius!
  • You've gone an entire day not talking to a single soul.
  • Plans always seem like a great idea, then the day comes and you realize a bra, makeup and socializing is required...and all you wanna do is veg on the couch and watch reruns of Blue Bloods!
  • Staying out till 10 p.m. is a successful night!
  • Or on the very rare occasion you've stayed out til 2, 3 and beyond, you think..."damn I'm too old for this!"
  • Wine and Scrabble with your 70 year old neighbor sounds like a great idea
  • You're packed for vacation three weeks ahead of time
  • You've thought about cancelling plans after a weird text exchange but then thought against it because it's been days since you've actually seen another human being that wasn't part of your family or a person in your town!
  • You are abnormally excited for the Summer Olympics
  • You finish the bottle of wine because you can't get the cork back in to save it!
  • You curse every time your house phone rings...because it's ALL THE WAY OVER THERE!!
  • You over-analyze and make up scenarios in your head that you know will never happen
  • You have very serious conversations...with yourself!
  • You consult Instagram to see how long a jar of pasta sauce has been open in the fridge.
  • Your Timehop streak has reached 25...and you're pretty excited about it!
  • You're back might be a little more burnt tanned than the front of you...because you don't have anyone to apply sunscreen properly back there.

Reading all this back always gives me a chuckle...hope you got one too!  Have a great day!


  1. Are we the same person?! As I sit here braless...

  2. Omg I do some of this shit and I'm married!! Lol

  3. haha! You are so funny, loved all of these, especially the wine one, so funny! and I am super excited about the Olympics, if only I didn't have to go to work, I wouldn't sleep, just watch it all day everyday.

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