Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This may not be the best time to start blogging again....

Now I realize that I am one of the lucky ones!  Here I sit in front of my computer in my little apartment that has power and cable and all those good things that millions of people have been living for days without!  And will continue to live without for the next few days, given this God awful Nor'Easter that is happening as I type.  It is a bit ridiculous what is going on!! 
And of course I realize this may not be the best time to start blogging again in light of Sandy and her aftermath but I figured if I can brighten at least one person's day with my silly stories, I'll be happy. 

What did we learn today???  Miss Mitchell is NOT a music teacher!!!!!!!!!!  But I am a team player, so for one period, I dusted off my singing voice...(that is rarely used, except for the occasional time alone in the shower and in my apartment) and sang!  The little kinders first looked at me like I had 8 heads, but then they joined in!  And hey, it was a great excuse for Albuquerque Turkey to make a comeback!!  :)

I also realized that my lil piece o' shit cell phone can't handle a 4 hour webinar!!!  And that I myself could teach the thing!!  Just another check in the pro column for the iPhone!!  SOON....SOON!!!!!

Given that yesterday was election day, I'll just say that I have never been a political person!!  I've had one serious talk about politics in my life and quite frankly it scared me a bit!  I also watched those presidential debates and they made me uncomfortable as well, so I choose to avoid politics as a whole.  Politics has been all over Facebook, Twitter and the news since forever!!  I am here to tell you, that whether you voted Obama or Romney, Red or Blue...whoever got the job is royally screwed anyway!!! This country is in the shitter and needs to turn around fast!!  But I am also not gonna be one to yell at my TV every night when I'm watching Nightly News with Brian I'll just keep my fingers crossed!! And I should keep in mind what my parents are always telling me...I should just be thankful I have a job (even if it only pays one step above the unemployment wage),I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back and I am healthy!!  Because right now even some of the wealthiest in our country don't have that (Thank you, bitch)  And on a side note, I think George Clooney should run for president and Ben Affleck, his vice!  I would have no problem listening to the two of them speak!!  I'd be the first one lining up to be an intern in that White House!!  ;)

In closing this little rant, I should say, that I don't care about your religion, your political party, nationality etc....if we can shoot the shit, have a few beers or a couple of cocktails together and laugh our asses off...then we can be friends!!  Why not??

Speaking of friends, I just want to make one quick point, related to Facebook, because if you are reading this, then we must be facebook friends!   Perhaps you're someone who I've known since second grade when I had pink glasses with smurf decals.  Or from high school, where we sat in our lockers down in the basement  and did our HW on the Senior stairs. To college, where you know I drank way too much!! And now, so many of you know me in my everyday adult life!! And hell, now that I think about it, some of you knew me when I was still in diapers!!!  EEEKKK!!!
But anyway... If you know me, REALLY know me, than you know that half the time I post statuses that are song lyrics and half the time I post just to be FUNNY!!!!!!! I don't ever mean to offend anyone and I don't need to be preached at!!  And I do care very much about the victims of Hurricane Sandy!!!!  I have been housing one for the last week and a half!! 
Thank you very much!!
 If I'm someone you asked to be your friend just to "up" your "friend quota"...please delete me!!

I will get off my soapbox now!!  And thank you for being a friend!!!

Funny story to end with because it just so perfectly illustrates my solitary life so well!!

Doing laundry the other day, my washer went all "Mr. Mom" on me (You have to remember that movie!!).  Banging and shaking and all that!  Then I heard a boom and a crash!  The laundry detergent bottle fell from the top of the dryer (I have a little double decker type thing) and down onto the floor, with such force that the top popped and cracked into a million little pieces.  By the time I got to it, the entire bottle (it was brand new) was soaking into my rug!! Over the last three days I have spent hours trying to clean it up, but am still left with a big blue mess on my carpet!  (It couldn't have been the free and clear one!!??!! damnit!!)   And it is looking really terrible!!  Ever since then I have been finding spots on my walls of detergent spatter and shards of the top of the cap all over the place!!  Disaster!!  And I am afraid to use too much water on it because I don't want mold and mildew growing under my carpet.  Or my sister's steamer because I'm afraid it will ruin the thing!  My dad suggested replacing the whole carpet wouldn't be too expensive.  At first I thought he was outta his mind, then I thought perhaps that wouldn't be a terrible idea because it is apartment carpeting and it's not at all cooshy underneath!!  But for now, I will live with my big blue blob!! And curse at the thing every time I walk by!!

Thanks for reading!!  I hope you and your families weathered the storm well and my fingers are crossed for those who have yet to have the power back, that it returns soon!  My fingers are also crossed for the rest of us that the damn power stays on....perhaps this wasn't the best year to move into an apartment in my little WALKABLE town....ugh!!

Until next time friends!!

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