Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Lenten Challenge

So yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which symbolizes the first day of Lent.  Typically Catholics abstain from something during this time.  There are plenty of things I could give up like shopping, chocolate or alcohol. But let's be for real...that's not gonna happen!

If I don't have coffee everyday, I get a headache (which still kills me!!)  I hate that I'm so dependent on it!

And I can't give up chocolate.  My Girl Scout Cookies haven't even arrived yet!  AND EVERY SINGLE BOX IS CHOCOLATE!!  :)

Giving up shopping? Nah!  I still need to shop during these 40 days...a girl needs food ya know!!  ;)

And, it's really ok if I don't give up wine.  Jesus would totally understand that. After all, every time I take a sip of wine, it reminds me of the blood of Christ.  And He knows, working is tough...I can't work and not drink!
And I mean, really, St. Patrick's Day falls during Lent!!  I just know God loves Guinness!!!

But back to the issue at hand.  Rather than give up something, I am going to join the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge.  I first heard about this from Mel @The Larson Lingo.  She's one of the hosts of the Pin-spired Link-up! *If you missed my March Pin-spired post, find it here!!*

Rather than give up something for 40 days (47...but who's counting!), get rid of a bag of "stuff" each day!  Talk to my dad and my sister (my current house guest) and they will tell you I have a lot of "stuff"! Actually, I think my sister used a more colorful word, but this here's a family blog!

Basically what you do, is make a list of 40 places around your house, or in my case, house and school, that need de-cluttering and cleaning!! And get rid of it!  Either throw it in the trash or donate it!

Here is my list:

I don't have 40 areas yet, but I do have a home side and a school side!  And I'm off to a great start!!  As the 40 days progress, I'm sure I'll add more!  And if I don't, that's ok, too!

To learn more about this challenge and get tips about how to make this work for you, visit Mel's blog here. Her three most recent posts mention 40 bags in 40 days!
And the super cute printable that was made for her, which she shared with all of us, can be found here! (I made a few copies!...LOL)

So, wish me luck!  Feel free to join in on the challenge!  Or tell me what you're giving up during Lent!

Tomorrow's Friday!!  It's about time...Come back for another edition of 5 on Friday!

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