Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Better Late Than Never!

My Favorite Things for March

I love the Favorite Things Link-up with Erika and Andrea, so even though it's a little late, I'm still going to participate!!  And my faithful readers may think this post a bit redundant if you saw my last 5 on Friday but I don't care...I'm going to continue my lovefest for Girl Scout Cookies!!

Now, sure some may think that $4 is a bit much for boxes that have shrunk down in size over the years, but it's for a good cause!  Perhaps the cookies remind you of your own childhood as a Girl Scout or you knew a friend who was a scout, or maybe you just like them because they taste so good!  There's just so many great flavors to choose from!  I am partial to the Tags and Thin Mints.  Really, this year its been all about the Thin Mints!

And the Girl Scouts have this program that you can donate a box to the soldiers Overseas.   I found that out on Saturday when I ran into some student Girl Scouts selling their cookies outside the Library.  I thought I'd get away with not having to buy any when I told them I would have, but since I'd already eaten 6 boxes (of course that was an exaggeration!!), I'd have to pass!  One of their mothers then told me you could donate the boxes to the I did!  I donated 2 boxes of cookies and was able to write a short message to the soldiers, which I thought was pretty cool.  Donating is much easier on the waist line!!  And did you know that Girl Scout cookies are actually one of the most requested items of the troops?!?  Researching for the post, I found out that this is called Operation: Cookie and is now in it's 11th year!!  Yikes...where have I been???

So if you have a chance or see some girls selling, donate a box to the troops!  Also, tell me which cookies are your faves in the comments below!!

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