Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Faves!

Here are some of my favorite things from the week that was!!

/ONE/  My Friendsgiving post from Sunday was one of the most viewed in a long time!!  That makes me so happy!!  It was just the BEST time!!  If you missed it, check it out {here}!

/TWO/  Friendsgiving was at my place, where my friend Mel cooked!  I did pretty good and had most of the things she needed.  What I didn't have she brought.  Mainly her pots!!  I have exactly 1 pot.  So I took it as a serious sign, when on Tuesday morning I got an email from Amazon with the Deal of the Day....POTS!!  I scored this $300 8 piece set for $90!  I thought that was a pretty good deal!! When I texted Mel to tell her about it, she was not impressed!  She asked me what I needed that for? I don't even cook!!My one measly pot was sufficient!  LOL...Well when I host Christmas Eve Dinner here and my sister cooks, she'll need them!!  HA!

/THREE/ I'm headed out of town for Thanksgiving in  one of my favorite places...the Outer Banks North Carolina!! It won't be the beach vacations we're used to having there, but it's a chance to get away and something different for us!!  Hopefully I can blog a bit from there! I have never been so unprepared for anything in my life though...I have yet to pack anything!  And I am on my third load of laundry!!  Oh well...what I don't bring I can always get there!

/FOUR/ I know it's super early but since I'm going away, I decided to put up some of my Christmas decorations already!  I have everything up but the nativity (which I had hoped to get done Thursday, but never got to) and the tree.  I figure I can do both of those the Sunday I get back!!  I just love the way the house looks and smells at Christmas...

/FIVE/ Linking up with my Style Me Blogger Buddies today to share my favorite winter hat! It's an oldie but goodie!!   What a great week for this one!!  It is freezing here!!  Is it as cold where you live? Please check out our posts, link up with us to share your favorite hats and enter our GIVEAWAY for some Christmas cash!!  Check it out {here}

Have a great weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Omg I can't believe you just had one pot! I've been in the same position before tho! Glad you found a great deal!!

  2. Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks sounds like it will be great! Happy Friday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Oh I wish I had seen that deal! We desperately need new pots and pans. Bummer! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Love the Friendsgiving! I am putting up our decorations on Tuesday, I can't wait!


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