Friday, November 7, 2014

Style Me Bloggers Link Up...YAY!

Happy Friday!!
Taking a break from the usual Friday Five this week. I'm super excited to begin the Style Me Bloggers Link-up Series with fellow challengers and bloggers I "met" during the Style Me Pretty Challenges. The challenge is over now but for the next few weeks we will be linking up, every other Friday, sharing a bit more about ourselves and homes! Today, I'm sharing my closet with you!! I might be a little crazy!!!

In a perfect world, behind this door straight ahead would be a huge, glorious, walk-in closet!  No such luck!  Behind this door is the master bathroom!  Instead, my two closets are on the left and the right.

The one on the left, is my main closet.  The one on the right, I like to call the "pants" closet!  Because that's all that's hanging in there!!

No matter where I've lived, I've only always had the sliding door closets.  It's not my fave, because I think, it's really hard to access the clothes in the middle.  But I make it work! 

 This is sort of like the space I feel like I miss in my closet!  HA!

In this closet I have tops and cardigans, and a few blazers.  Across the rod I have tops grouped by style.  All the button downs, plaids, chambray, tunics, etc.  To save space I put tops with a coordinating cardigan, on the same hanger. Cardigans are all next to one another.  Lots of tops that can go with black cardigans are by them as well.  I don't really do seasonal swaps with my clothes in here.  I can throw cardis on with lots of my shirts and trouser pants for work, regardless of the season.
I highly recommend the velvet hangers if you are short on space!


Admittedly, the bottom of the closet is not the most organized.  All the shoes, not in boxes, are pretty much just thrown in!  Flats are easy to just pile on top of one another.  Some shoes are in boxes on the bottom but most of the shoes in boxes are on top!  In the pink bag to the right are all my summer flip flops, sandals and open-toe flat shoes that I won't be wearing for quite some time.  Keeping them in the bag gets them outta the way for now!  That laundry basket is just for my dry cleaning...which I don't send out too often.

I'm lucky enough to have nine foot ceilings in my house so I have lots of dead space above the closet.  Perfect for piling up shoe boxes and storing a few things.  I swap them out during winter/summer.  Right now I've put all my sandals on the top, and all my boots, booties, and winter wedges are on the bottom.
This is my "pants" closet!  There are not as many shoes/shoe boxes on the bottom of this closet so my pants are able to hang down.  More shoes, some storage and games are on the top of this closet.  You can't really see it here, but I have an over the door hook on this door.   On Sunday nights I try to pull a few things from both closets to wear for the week and place them on the hooks!  Sometimes I don't end up wearing what I pull, but lots of time I do.  It just cuts down on my time standing in front of the closet in the morning trying to figure out what to wear!  (When I'm not in a challenge of course!)

I also have an armoire.  In here I have my sweaters, jeans and other pants that don't need to be hang up.  In the cubbies I have spring scarves (just being stored right now! My "wear now" scarves are in a big metal tin in a corner of my room) and leggings. As well as baskets and bins.  In the wicker basket I have tights.  One plastic bin on the bottom is belts and the other is a bin of sunglasses, in heavy rotation during the summer.  The two drawers on the bottom are filled with t-shirts, that I'll throw on after work, or on weekend mornings when I'm just hanging before I get ready for the day, with leggings or lounge pants.  The bins on the top are bags!  I have a ridiculous amount of bags!!
You  might be wondering if I have any skirts and dresses.  I do!  They are all in my guest room closet. The upside of a solitary life...a bonus closet!  I actually like it better than my own!  It doesn't have sliding doors, but instead has french doors that open completely.  I'll spare you a picture of that one though because it's not only filled with skirts and dresses, but that's also where I keep my Christmas decorations! And that's a post for another day...December 17th to be exact!

Hope you enjoyed a peek in my closets!  Go take a look in these girls closets! You'll like what you see!!
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I am so excited that in the mess of our house situation I am actually getting my first walk in closet in that house! I always had one until we purchased our antique living residence and without one things are so messy!

  2. Wow, you get *multiple* closets?? Enviable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE armoires, they are so classy and cozy. Great post!

  4. Your closet is so nice and organized - and I love all the color in your wardrobe! I'm in the process of switching over to the velvet hangers and I love them!

  5. Your closets look great. I also let my dry cleaning pile up in a bin marked "fussy." The only problem is that my dry cleaning bill is exponentially huge on the day I decide I want to have it all done :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I couldn't wait to see a fellow librarian's closet. I figured it would be cataloged and classified and it is. Everything looks well organized and neat. Laughed at that little space in your closets where you can't really access things easily. I have that issue, too. I found some hidden treasures in my black hole today!

  7. I have stuff stashed in the spare bedroom closet too! lol
    I LOVE how many shoes you have!!

  8. Wow lucky you to have so many closets! I need a pants only closet! lol Yes I love the thin velvet hangers too!

  9. You do have lots of space, Katie! Love the missing space too though!


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