Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Pin-Spired!

It's March....We're getting closer to Spring...I just know it!!  Even though as I type this, it's SNOWING!  Ugh!  I'm not shocked!

The First of March means Pin-spired!  
Linking up with Sheaffer @ Pinterest Told Me To, Shay @ Mix and Match Family, and Mel @ The Larson Lingo to showcase my takes on some outfits I've pinned!

This month I thought I'd highlight my skinny plum cords that I honesty have not worn at all this winter!  I found them getting looks together for  The #Create28 with Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe.  Colored bottoms were a look one day.  I didn't end up wearing them, because it was a work day and cords are just a little too causal for work.  (And I actually completely failed the challenge too!!  I was sick for a big chunk of the time, so most of this month I was on my couch in PJs!  I do have all the prompts though and fully intend to incorporate them into my wardrobe!)

But back to the plum skinny cords...I couldn't believe I went the whole winter without wearing them, after wearing them so much last winter!  But I figured since March is obviously still cold, plum cods are totally acceptable!!  Here are some of the looks I've pinned (some going back a year!) and how I interpreted the pins! (Sorry in advance for my terrible lighting. These are my actual cords, but unfortunately the plum is no longer available.

This pin was actually the reason I first started following Alison at Get Your Pretty On. Ha!  I had a pair of plum cords that I didn't style very often and saw this and thought I could totally do that!

Here's my own take on Alison's look.

This next look was pinned more recently.  I think it may be a bit to bold for me, but that's what pinspired helps us do...try things, right?!?!
Not sure why the link in my pin goes here but it does!

It wasn't terrible after I put it on, but I do think it would look better with a sweater-sweater rather than the cardigan!  But I'm sure we can all agree- Way Cuter Pin!  
(the more I am looking at this while putting the blog together, the more I like it!!)

In all honesty, I'd probably just wear it more like this!

This last look was a no-brainer!  So easy!  Why haven't I been wearing this already? Because leopard goes with everything!  DUH KATE!!


I am definitely going to be spending some of March in these looks for sure!!  It's still freezing, it's snowing, and I am loving these cords!!  Can't wait to see the looks everyone linked up this month!!

Have a great week,


  1. L-O-V-E these looks!! Fab pinterest finds and nicely done recreating them, Katie! ;)

  2. You nailed all these looks! Fab work.

  3. So, I absolutely adore these looks! Super cute!


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