Friday, March 6, 2015


A two-hour delay and an early dismissal day!!  Not too shabby of a Friday!!  Another snow storm rolled in Wednesday night, leaving us with no school yesterday and a two hour delay today.  Because it's also Parent-Teacher conferences this afternoon, it was a scheduled 11:30 dismissal.  Basically we'll be in for one period!  Ha!

But anyway... on to the fun stuff!

Style Me Bloggers Link Up
It's a two-fer today!  Linking up with my Style Me Girls...we're gettin' all crafty!!  I really love my post!!  Go check it out here and let me know what you think!  And show my girls some blog lovin' too...they do such fun things and have great ideas!!  Link up with us if your feeling all crafty today too!!

Back to blogging and it feels so good!  
I blogged a bunch this week after being away for a short while.  And I just gotta say, I loved it.Blogging's my favorite! It really is!  I could do this full time!  If only it paid!  HA!  And I know for many it does, but that's not why I do it!!  I do it for me...and I thank you all for following along and reading my ramblings!  Catch up on my posts from this week here!

Currently in my head....Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammer
How fun is this song?!?!  And what a super cute video!!  Hope you'll take the time to watch!
Totally love it!!  And my nieces all do a mean Cotton-Eyed Joe dance to this song!

I'm daily photoing on Insta and this one was probably my favorite from this week!  I realize it's just a box (#solitarylifeprobs)...but inside the box is the hope of SPRING {The Spring that feels like it may NEVER get here!!} Oh and I still stuck to my goal of not spending money on clothes!  This was an old Ebates check I spent Yes, I had that much...Ebates ROCKS!!  Sign up!!.  
A future fashion post/style me link-up will reveal the contents!

A Friday Funny!
These little minions have been all over the place lately...and I guess I have a thing for them!  When I saw this online this week I legitly laughed out loud!!  This sorta just screams Solitary Life to me!! Actually it just screams ME!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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  1. That minion is singing my anthem!!!! Happy Friday!

  2. I keep clicking around....whats in the J Crew box?!?!?!?!

  3. Yay for spring being right around the corner! We got the snow too but it's quickly melting:) And Ebates us the best!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us for H54F!


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