Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Rewind

I debated posting a Weekend Wrap Up today because I basically did one thing all weekend long....


But then I thought I'd post anyway because I am thinking I can't be the ONLY person who spent the weekend doing this!!  Now I didn't make it all the way through Season three yet, because I actually went back and re-watched a bunch of season 2 episodes!  I find myself saying WTF a lot when I'm watching the show and laughing out loud!!  
Pease tell me I was not alone in my all weekend bingefest...Did you watch too!?!?

I did actually make it out of the house though Sunday for a little bit!  My mom came over and we went to brunch at one of my favorite places.  Mom and I NEVER really do anything just the two of us, so it was really nice!  
It was after this pic when I told my mom she'd be my daily photo on Insta, that she asked, "Now why can't I have an Intagram?"  LOL Then she said..."it's day 60 of the year ALREADY?!?" #forrealzma
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Then it was back home to my usual Sunday...laundry, lessons, blogging, and such! With maybe a few eps of House of Cards thrown in there!  HA!!

And the finale of Downtown!  Which I just really LOVE too!  I laughed out loud and unexpectedly bawled!

OH and it SNOWED a fresh 6 inches!  Enough for a two-hour delay tomorrow. 
UGH!!  Isn't it MARCH?!?!

And just like that it's already Monday again!
Have a great week!!
Next weekend I promise to be more productive!!  

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  1. Shut up! I wanted to binge on that show this weekend but only got in ONE episode from SEASON ONE! I haven't made it into Season 2 yet but you just wait I will! Then Season 3 will be done and you so get the drift! YUCK on 6 inches of way. Come on to NC I think we are done with snow. We can binge tv watch together! I'll help you grade papers. :)

    1. Seriously Amanda...I am so there!!!! Sounds like a GREAT plan to me!! And you don't have to worry about rushing thru it really...because it's a whole year again before new eps come around (which is why I went back and rewatched some of S2)! HA!! Have a great week!!

  2. Girl you were not alone in your binge watching and I'm ashamed that we made it through the entire 3rd season already!! There were definitely some cringe worthy moments - but it was so good! Brunch with your mom sounds wonderful - makes me wish my mom lived in Boston and not Florida!! Hope you have a great Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Your mom is gorgeous! And I have heard such great things about House of Cards but can't find time to fit another show into my schedule---albeit it only consists of reality TV (ie, the Bachelor) and Scandal :)

  4. I keep seeing House of Cards I am going to have to watch it :)
    Happy Monday
    Chelsea @

  5. 6 more inches? Gross! But yay for a 2 hour delay.

  6. Teehee at least you're honest about your weekend! We're diving into Season 3 tonight!


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