Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to My #1 Blog Reader...

My MOM!!

You've met my mom numerous times throughout the blog!{here and here are my favorites!}  And were there with us as we celebrated her big 65th last year!  

But today I thought I'd share some fun facts about mom!

She really is my number one blog reader!  Most times, she won't read  on the day I post, but she'll always catch up.  Oh and she always checks my typos!  :)

Mom prints out the blog and made a book of it for me.  I told her a blog is an online journal but she wants me to have it!  And I'm happy I do!

She doesn't read the blog right away because she's too busy loving retirement life in Florida to read.

She loves being in Florida but feels like she's missing out here...we tell her she is definitely not missing anything!

My mom calls me every single day.  The call lasts 90 seconds.  She does most of the talking!

She is the most social person I know.  She often tells me I have to be more social. (I will never be as social as her!)

She's getting better at Face Time...ha!

Mom's the kind of person that saves every single one of her girls' Cabbage Patch Kids and drags them out on Christmas, so she can take photos of you with them...30 years later.

Mom loves playing games and enjoys a little karaoke every now and then.

My mom is a great friend, sister, wife, Nana, and the best mom a daughter could ask for!

Love you Mom!! Have the best day ever!!

Happy Monday all!!


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