Friday, January 15, 2016

Three Day Weekend...Right Ahead!!

FRIDAY!!!!  It was an average, winter week.  Temps have really dipped to normal , so it's been super chilly.  I have retreated into my usual wintery, hermity self.  I made crockpot meals, have taken extra long, extra hot showers to warm up, and went to bed early a few nights!!  Here's few more faves from the week...

My New Planner!  I'm obsessed with my new Erin Condren life planner!  I bit the bullet and bought one right after Christmas, and received it last Friday.  The thing has been stuck to me like glue since.  I've had fun all week filling it in.  I got the original vertical layout, and find that even though there are no lines, it's perfect for me to map out home, work, and the blog!!

Loving my Crockpot! As I mentioned, this week had been super chilly.  Perfect for crockpot meals.  I've made to two this week and have another on tap for tomorrow, so I'm home when it cooks all day!!  I just love the clean eating crockpot meals that Casey cooks up!!

My free pint glasses arrived!  Back in December, I took a trip to North Carolina to visit my cousin for her gender reveal party! I wrote a Friday faves Post all about it here where I mentioned that I took a selfie and hashtagged it on Insta for two free pint glasses!  I was super excited to find them in my mailbox this week!!  So naturally I had to have a beer...but it went perfectly with my crockpot chili!  HA!!
One of my glasses and a crockpot meal!

Wednesday Nights on TVLand: So this weekend I discovered the show Younger on TVLand.  I spent Sunday binge-watching the entire first season in preparation for season 2 that started on Wednesday.  I am loving it.  It's a super, cute fun show!!  After that was the series premiere of the new comedy, Teachers.  Naturally I had to watch!!  I was HILARIOUS!!  Outlandish, yes but that's what makes it hilarious!  I laughed so hard.  it's now on season pass on my DVR!

And last but not least THIS!!!  So funny!!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Our office uses Erin Condren planners and we are all obsessed, but especially my editor and I. When it is time to get a new one, that is always a Big. Discussion. with multiple texts and much debate. I have really gotten into her replaceable covers for different holidays -- I have patriotic, Christmas and Halloween, I need to see if she has a Valentines Day. Ha[[y weekend!

  2. Hooray for your new Erin Condren goodness!! I just got a planner this week. Ever since I've been watching "how I use my planner" vids on YouTube and getting inspired by the fun and cute ways people personalize theirs! Anyway, I've seen many EC life planners through these videos and they look amazing!! Enjoy yours! :)

  3. Younger is my jam girl. I also got my early to bed on twice this week and that was soooo nice. Unfortunately, with winter temps here I do not want to get up even after 8 hours of sleep! Happy weekending! xo Amanda

  4. Yay for new planners, although not sure about the Erin Condren, I just don't know if I could spend that much...mostly I think after using Franklin Covey for 20+ years, I feel like I would be cheating on them. I JUST put away my leather day planner and switched it out for a Franklin spiral and I felt like I was totally cheating, haha! Let's see some of your decorations!

  5. Have a great three day weekend. Enjoy the crock-pot meals too!


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