Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday is for Favorites!

Happy Friday!  Who's excited?!?  We made it! I don't know why but since Wednesday I've been feeling like everyday shoulda been that's how my week's been going!

 Some Fridays I share my fave favorite things on the blog!  Today's one of those days!  So let's get to it....

{The Magnolia Story}
I'm super excited that the hold I placed on The Magnolia Story by Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gains came in from the Library.  And not only that, so did the hold I put on the audiobook.  I got the audiobook after I heard that Chip and Joanna themselves read it. I like to sometimes listen to and read along with the book!  Eager to get reading this weekend!  AFTER I finish All the Missing Girls.

{Almost a new bed}
This might be a silly favorite, but I'm just loving the new dust ruffle and sheets I got this week.  The sheets are so comfy!  And being a sheet set from Target, I'm super impressed....they are really soft and durable.  They fit my bed perfectly and were even on sale. Oh and my other favorite thing about them is that there was a tag on the fitted sheet that said top or bottom...Score!  Took me three seconds for put on!  Totally feels like I'm sleeping in a new bed!

{Finally some SUNSHINE!}
After what felt like days and days of neverending rain, the sun finally made an appearance on Wednesday and Thursday...and spring like temperatures came with it.  Sunshine this week was definitely a fave this week.  I'm just a happier person when the sun is out!

{The Arrangement and Sweet Home Oklahoma}
This week at the recommendation of my friend I started watching these two shows. She actually said she started watching The Arrangement because I was the one who told her about it, and then I just never ended up catching the premiere!!  But I caught up on the arrangement this past weekend and am really liking it.  Michael Vartan who I loved from Alias is in it and he is just creepy.  I liked the premise and where the story is going.
Sweet Home Oklahoma on Bravo is just hilarious.  The reality show about three best friends and their crazy adventures in their home state had my laughing out loud over and over!  I texted my friend and told her we had to make a trip out there!  Check it out on Mondays at 10 on Bravo!
via E!

{Game Night!}
I'm hosting my first ever game night tonight.  I can't wait.  After talking about it for so long, it's finally happening.  I've invited a bunch of friends and some family, who's actually coming is still a mystery.  But big or small, it's sure to be a fun night.  I'll let you know how it goes on Monday!

Have a great weekend all!  Can't believe tomorrow's April 1st....but the teacher in me is happy that it fall's on a weekend!  And that's no April Fool's!

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  1. I have seriously only purchased target sheets for probably 10 years!

  2. We need new sheets but I haven't seen any I like for a good price so I'll have to check Target! Yay for sunshine!


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