Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Longest Tuesday Ever!!

This started out as a Teacher Tuesday post...the same Teacher Tuesday post I've had in draft since the first Tuesday back after Easter Vacation.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  I wanted to have another Teacher Tuesday up before the school year was out for the summer, but quite honestly I don't know what I'd say!  You see, I'm looking forward to the summer vacation, probably more than the students are.

I have hit that wall....I am over it all!!  It shows... and I know it. I think it might be a really bad thing when you always have a smile on your face!  Because when you don't...it's quite obvious to everyone!  LOL  Even to my students.  And that's just awful...I know.

Yesterday was not a good day!  And a student took out a book called, A Bad, Bad Day and I told the class that, I should read that book because I was having a very bad, bad day!  And then you know what they did?  Asked me why!  And I didn't want to burden them with anything and realized I shouldn't have even told them that, because good teachers...great teachers are ON... ALL. THE. TIME!  So I laughed, put that smile on my face, and told them, that it was a bad, bad day but now that they were all here, it's turned my whole day around!  And ya know what..it was the truth!

Then I went home and went to bed...early.  So I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning!  And after an hour of trying to get back to sleep, with no luck, I got my ass out of bed and decided to get things done!  Ran the dishwasher, put clothes away that had been sitting in the basket since I got home from my trips, got my boxes ready for UPS and actually enjoyed my first cup of coffee so much that I decided to have a second!!

That was a mistake!  Because as I was taping up my UPS box, I hit my FULL cup of coffee and it went crashing to the floor.  Splashing across the entire kitchen, shattering into a million pieces and taking a huge chunk of tile with it. I mean...it was everywhere!!  I was so mad!!  I may have yelled a few unsavory, inappropriate words for so early in the morning!!  I didn't even know at first what I had hit when it was happening...it was like slo-mo.

So needless to say after being ready so early.  All my extra time was spen cleaning the kitchen floor and getting changed and ready all over again.

Day two of NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!  And of course my co-worker friends noticed!!
 But I realized something as the day went on... I needed to get out of my slump and focus on the positive!!

A few years ago, after seeing it mentioned on a blog, I think, I started keeping a gratitude journal, documenting three or five positive things about the day!!  I kept it going , then as with most things in my life, I didn't keep up with it!  But today I'm bringing it back!  ON THE BLOG!!  If nothing else, my blog is my journal, and today as the day comes to close, I'm sharing my positives...so I hope you don't mind!!

Things that made me laugh and smile today...when all I really wanted to do was cry!!

  • Well there's this...not a bad way to start the day!  A sweet teacher friend knows and supports my love of pretzels, so when she saw this eye mask, she thought I just had to have it!  We laughed and laughed and laughed some more...DAY MADE!!
  • One of my most favorite Pre-K friends, turning to me in the lab and saying "Look Miss Mitch, I'm a DJ!"  (Because the headphones he's wearing are about as big as his head!)
  • Listening to the sound of first graders reading to one another during Library Buddy Reads
  • Surprise pancakes that my fave kindergartners shared with me!  They used pancakes to learn about the states of matter!
  • Packages at my doorstep when I got home!
  • two pairs of flip flops that my neighbor friend shared with me, leftover from her wedding.  I enjoyed the few minutes we spent chatting about the wedding too. and chatting about her wedding, too!!  Navy flips are always a welcome edition to any summer.
    the beautiful bride and I on her wedding day Sunday
  • Unexpected text exchanges with one of my favorite people.  Who knew I could laugh so hard over texts?  The only thing better would've been if we were laughing together...not miles apart!
  • And Finally...Going all Grey's Anatomy on this day and dancing it out!  To Despacito in my kitchen...the same kitchen that 14 hours ago was covered in coffee and shards of glass...c'mon that's funny!!!

Thanks for letting me share...vent...bitch..moan...complain...I'm off to bed with a good book!

Hope you were able to find a few bright spots in your day! Let me know in the comments below!!


  1. Oh man!! I have been there. Glad that you could find some positive in the crappy day! Love you!

  2. You know what? I think GREAT Educators are real and no one is ON all the time. Great educators let their students know that life is real and we all have our ups and downs and that becomes a teachable moment. Think about it, your students now know even rockstar teachers have bad days but they rebound and they get help from those around them and look for the good! I've been an elementary counselor for a long time so you have to believe me, lol!

    1. Kellyann!!! Thank you so, so much!! I needed to see this! Thanks for stopping by...I'm off to check out your blog!!

  3. but guess what..it's Wednesday today so here's looking at a better day!

  4. I hope today was a better day! I know packages on my doorstep always make me happy....

  5. One of the things I admire about you - your positive attitude! Hope today was better!

  6. You are so right. Teachers have to be 'on' all the time. I call it being Mary Poppins. But there are some days when you just struggle to show up, much less be on stage and fun! Bless your heart.

    Glad you could find some gratefuls, though. Lots of times, the babies would be just the thing I needed to help me through a bad day. I would tell the first one to hug me on those days that I really needed their precious hug.

    Had only heard Despacito on The Voice. Listened and watched the whole video while looking up where it was filmed...thought probably Puerto Rico but hoped maybe Panama. Dang, that girl looks great in her lace up sandals. I was dancing as I watched, right here where I am laying in bed.


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