Monday, June 4, 2018

TBB Asks: June!

Summer!!  In three weeks I'll officially be on summer vacation.  I sure home the weather starts feeling like summer soon.  A few days here and there it's been warm but lots of days it's been feeling more like April.  Boo!  But to get me in the Summer spirit today, I'm joining The Blended Blog for TBB Asks!  This month all the questions have a summer theme.

1- Since I literally walk everywhere, I'd have to say walk!

2- Since I can't remember a time I actually picnic'ed, I'm just gonna say what I'd make for a picnic.  Does PB&J count?

3- Definitely pool!

4- Chocolate is definitely my favorite flavor of ice cream, with Mint chocolate chip a super close second! 

5-I'll take ice cream anyway I can get it!!

6- I'd say flip flops over slides but I like fun sandals!

7- Jean shorts all the way!  I went all out this summer and got myself a pair of short overalls...hoping a can pull them off!!

8- I don't really have a favorite summer fruit....I'm the fat girl in the corner eating all the ice cream instead!

9- Definitely love the corn on the cob...with lots of butter and salt.  What I do not like is how much gets stuck in my teeth!  But I east it every single time!

10- Summertime!!  By My Kenny!!

11- Laying out and reading for pleasure are two of my favorite things to do in the summer.  If they don't illustrate Solitary Life, I don't know what does!  HA!

12- Strawberries are my favorite.  I only like Raspberries in my vodka! 

13- Bikinis, tankinis or one pieces?  Honestly, all the the above.  And the it's the activity I'm doing that dictates which I wear.  Ya gotta know your audience!  I once wore a bikini bottom my sister dubbed to "cheeky" to a family day at the beach and I have NEVER lived it down!

14- I like both dresses and maxi skirts for summer time.  Quick and easy!!

15- One word to describe summer....FREEDOM!!  LOL  I love what I do but I think I look forward to summer vacation more than my students do!!!

Here's to hoping I blog more this summer!!!  Head to TBB and link up your answers to these q's or share across your social media platforms and play along with us!! 

Have a great week!!


  1. I would totally make PBJ for a picnic!

  2. You are making me hungry for all of the strawberries, corn on the cob and ice cream! Bring on the summertime!

  3. Yippeee for freedom, solitary life floating in the pool and reading and cheeky bathing suit bottoms. You've got the body, girl, why not flaunt it!!!

    Hope these last weeks of school are quick and painless for you. My sister finishes on Friday. We are celebrating by scrapbooking and Skyping together. XO


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