Thursday, July 7, 2016

June Sentence a Day!

June was a big month, and one of these days, I'll get my Numbers post up but today, I'm recapping it all in just a sentence-a-day, Link up with me and some of my favorite chicks from The Blended Blog the first Thursday of each month as we recall the month one sentence at a time!

June went a little something like this...

1- Ummm...can I have an ice pack? I stabbed myself in the leg! (Me to the school nurse...the bruise is still healing!!)

2- My train stalker strikes again!

3- Meetball?!?  Sure why not? (What's a Friday without a trip to Meetball?)

4- Hmmm....not so sure about this! (Me contemplating the taste of my first Blue Apron meal.  I liked it better the second day actually!!)

5- Apparently this is the summer of me not caring about being photographed in a bikini.

6- A red bra and panties makes Mondays better.

7- How many more weeks of After Care?

8- It never fails!!  (My second Blue Apron Meal...gourmet grill cheese was amazing but of course I burnt it...I always burn grilled cheese!!)

9- Doritos are my downfall!

10- Amen and Hallelujah!

11- Ma you live in a dream world!

12- This sun is freaking glorious!!!

13- I'm a cook...

14- There's a bitch in every bunch

15- just needs to get here!

16- Let it Load...Let it Load..give the computer time to come ooonnnn!! (My students love my tech take on Let it Go!)

17- You're kidding right?

18- I really have to get the AC bills done....

19- Celebrating Dad!

20-What?!?  Get out of here!  It's on!!  Woooo Hoooo!!!  (Me after seeing my old school ipod that was dead since April 30th, come alive again!! I did a legit happy dance.)

21- School's Out for summer!!

22- It was a pretty good first day.

23- Nooooo..... (My roomies have arrived for the summer....sugar ants!  Luckily Peppermint oil has killed them!)

24- It's not a good idea (does it anyway!)

25- Aunt Katie Wins!!

26- Actually when you know that all it is is steak, beef jerky is not that bad.

27- Well this was a waste!!

28- I'll have one (might have had 7!)

29- It is possible to not "talk" to single person all day.

30- This would have been really helpful YESTERDAY!!

It's so much fun to recap the month this way!! If you missed out this month, start recapping your today in just a sentence a day and link up with us on August 4th to share them!!


  1. Doritos are totally my downfall, too! Thanks for hosting!

  2. haha, doritos are my downfall too. and LOL to #14

  3. Damn Doritos...I seriously no better than to even start. I bought them for our vacation and seriously made turkey & dorito sandwiches twice! yum...I'm totally going to have to join this fun.

  4. So you stabbed yourself and then asked for an ice pack? Seems like a solid choice :) Hope your bruise has finally faded!

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