Monday, September 25, 2017

Is there anything worth watching these days??

Two weeks ago I posted about how I was taking a little blog break!  And while I've taken a break, I've missed the blog and interacting with my blog friends.  I'm just taking things a bit slower these days.  Over the last couple of weeks back at work, I've already been collecting lots of funny material and taking some pics for future fashion posts!  I will say though, that I miss my days lounging in swimsuits!  Especially since were having a sorta of Indian Summer this week!  Fall just get here already! I'm busy and tired but I'm getting back to normal...or maybe just getting used to my new normal.

 I'm returning to the blog today for some fun!  This week is usually my most favorite time of year: Fall TV Premiere Week!  But I'll be honest...there is not one new show that really jumping out at me!

I'm angry that Kevin Can Wait, one of my most anticipated new shows of last year, was way underwhelming and then now has killed off the wife to make room for Leah Remini.  So needless to say, I won't be watching anymore.

And I really enjoyed Chicago Justice for the few episodes it was on last season.  But feel like it wasn't given a chance and kicked to the curb to make room for the Law and Order True Crime Series about the Menedez Brothers.  Booooo...

So my TV viewing score card has dwindled this year...

I am sticking with This is Us...because I watch every week with my neighbor!

I've never missed an episode of Blue Bloods...even though now most Friday it get DVR'd!

And last wee, after not watching for a bunch of seasons, my excitement for Dancing with the Stars was reignited!  So I am going to stick with it!

But other than that nothing new is really drawing me in!  Except maybe SEAL Team...and maybe just because David Boreanez is bloody damn hotttt....

This is where you come in!!  I need your help!  Please let me know what new shows you're most excited to see this season or let me know of one I may be missing out on!

Thanks and Happy Premiere Week!!


Thanks so much for taking the time to post comments! They make me smile so big!