Monday, September 4, 2017

TBB Asks: The Back-to-School Edition! {Link UP!}

After a wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my family last week where there wasn't much sun (like at all!) but where my sister was MARRIED!, I'm back to blogging!

These monthly posts with The Blended Blog have been so much fun.  I am really getting to know so many bloggers better. September for many is Back-to-School, so we thought it be the perfect time to share some school memories!  I'm writing this post through tears because, I'll be back at school tomorrow myself!!  Hehe!

1.  Love school or hate it?
Definitely depended on the year (or the day!)  but overall I think I loved both elementary school, high school and college.

2. We always started school here after Labor Day!  As a teacher ,I still do.  My nieces and nephews don't go back to school until the Thursday after Labor Day this year, which I think is really late!

3.  Wake up: Eager Beaver or Slow Poke?  Definitely a SLOW POKE for sure...then and now!

4.  Favorite breakfast?  As a kid...Pop Tarts

5.  Favorite Cereal: Peanut Butter Cap' Crunch...but mostly as a dry snack in a baggie.  I still buy it today and have been made fun of for it on numerous occasions!

6.  School uniforms my entire life...I went to catholic school thru 12th grade.

7.  New outfit for the first day of school?  {See above} But now that I'm the teacher, I treat myself to a new outfit for the first day every year.

8.  Rode the bus!  Since I went to Catholic school, it required travel!  But I was always jealous of the kids that walked.

9.  I was always a backpack girl.  I had one of those L.L. Bean one's with my name on it back in the day, when they were popular.  Glad to see they still are!

10.  School lunch or bring from home?  That really depended.  In elementary school, I feel like the options for lunch were limited, but in high school I bought more often because there was a plethora!

11.  Chocolate milk!  But usually just a thermos or juice box as a kid!

12.  LUNCH BOX!!  Always!  Starting with my Get Along Gang lunch box in Pre-K. Pound puppies, hugga-bunch I had them all through the years.  I loved that they came with that thermos with that big brown flip up!

13.  Favorite thing to do at recess:  I know this is weird but when I was in fifth grade my friends and I used to play a dice game called CELLO...with quarters!  YES..I gambled on the playground in elementary school!! LOL (We didn't have a typical "playground"...just blacktop!)

14. Favorite School Supply: This is a hard one...I always liked getting a new planner in high school.  In elementary school, I think it was crayola crayons...the smell of those new pack of crayons!  And it always had to be Crayola!  Still does!

15.  Chalkboards forever! {this coming from the tech teacher...}

16.  I prefer mechanical pencils, nice and thin and clean!  No smudges!!

17.  Homework right after school!

18.  Favorite after school snack: I don't remember eating much after school, to be honest!

19.  Favorite after school show: DEFINITELY the all new Mickey Mouse Club or MMC as it was called!!  EVERYDAY!! The new version of the show was so fun and in the later years had Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Keri Russel, Ryan Gosling...just to name a few!  
In the early nineties there was also this super cheesy show on called Swan's Crossing.  It starred a teen Sarah Michelle Geller.  It was on everyday but it only lasted 13 weeks.  My sister and best friend loved it though.  And good god was it beyond super cheesy!!

20.  Favorite Subject: ELA and American History 

21. Least Favorite Subject:  MATH....100% YUCK!!

22.  Best Friends in High School: Melanie and Kerri
Mel and I have been best friends since we were 2.  We lived around the corner from one another.  I went to our town catholic school for Pre-k through 8th grade.  Mel went to an all-girls catholic school for girls pre-K through grade 12.  So when I graduated 8th grade, I went to 'Mel's School' for high school.  She always used to say, "I can't believe you go to my school!"  Kerri went there starting in ninth grade as well.  We are all still friends today!

23.  We were a small all girls high school, so we really didn't have a mascot.

24.  ACT or SAT? We HAD to take both! #thumbsdown

25.  Favorite Year:  No idea....most would say Senior Year right?  But that's not mine!  I know that for sure!  I really liked 1st, 2nd and third grade a lot!

26.  I totally wore my class ring!  In both high school and college!

27.  I love a good party, so I go to the reunions!  From high school at least.  Went too and helped plan the 10 reunion and next year we'll celebrate 20!  EEEEEKKKKK.

Talk about memory lane!  Whew!  That was fun!  Answer there questions and link up with us too!!  Hope everyone has a great back to school! 


  1. I love your enthusiasm for school! You sure went into the right profession! Your friends collage is so sweet and I can just picture your smiling face headed to school each morning! Happy Labor Day!

  2. Wow! Uniforms for 12 years! My daughter did the same thing. Glad you get to pick a first day look now though. Have a great week!

  3. I totally forgot about pound puppies..also the MMC! I used to tape the shows and then write on the script to some of their plays while rewatching and then force I was a born director) my neighbourhood friends to be in them. Love the old ones with Britney!

  4. Katie, thanks for stopping by, so nice to meet you. I bet you are a wonderful teacher. My daughter and DIL are both teachers, so I'm pretty partial to those in the teaching profession. And, they both wear new outfits on their first day too, it's just what you do. :o)) Cute post and I so enjoyed linking up!

  5. School uniform the whole time. Wow. Yeah for new outfit as a teacher though. ☺. Ugh SAT and ACT. Yuck. I didn't have to do either.

  6. I had an LL Bean backpack, too. I love your "need more sleep" funny.

    Daily Style Finds

  7. I couldn't imagine having to take both the SAT and ACT. That's for the birds!! And I totally forgot about buying a planner every year. That is still a favorite of mine!


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