Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Favorites: Food and Drink

Happy Monday!  Back to blogging today to link up with The Blended Blog!  On tap for today is Favorite  Fall Food and Drinks.  Mine??????

Pumpkin Ale....THE END!

Pretty much in all seriousness, pumpkin ale is it for me.  I've never been a pumpkin spice latte girl!  When the air turns crisp and it's time for Fall, there's nothing better than a Pumpkin Ale, on Sunday Funday watching the game, or any day in between really.  And even though I have my faves,  my quest to try every pumpkin ale is ON!!

Another fun drink I love but don't indulge in nearly as much is a Pumpkin Martini.  I have these with my mom on Thanksgiving...and maybe while she's putting up my Christmas tree for me we drink them together.

Being the "drinks" girl of The Blended Blog....not to be confused for the "drunk" girl of TBB, I actually posted some of my favorite fall drink recipes over there this time last year!!  You can find them here!

Oh wait...I got carried away with the drinks!  I forgot I was supposed to talk about food too!! 

Hmmmm....Favorite Fall Foods!
Once the cold weather hits, I really like to make chili in the crockpot. That really screams Fall to me.  The crockpot is a staple in my  kitchen in the fall!

And for dessert, it's gotta be pumpkin pie!!

What are some of your favorite Fall treats?  Let me know in the comments below!  And head on over to The Blended Blog to link up with us today!

And get set to link up with us next week...when we give a sneak peek inside our homes to see how they're decked out for the Fall!


  1. lol- the drunk girl of TBB. I have searched high and low this fall to find a pumpkin ale to rival the one we shared last year...alas, I am failing miserably. Sigh.

  2. HAHA! "not to be confused with the drunk girl" Love that line!

  3. hahahaha. So who is the drunk girl of TBB? :)

  4. I've never tried pumpkin ale. I'm more of a cider girl, so I don't know how I would like ale!

    1. I'd say give it a might enjoy!! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You crack me up...the drink girl not the drunk girl of the TBB. Chili looks delicious. I'm so ready to get the crock pot out!

  6. You made me laugh out loud! I'm not a huge beer fan, but Pumpkin Ale sounds pretty good. Can't wait to see you in two weeks!

  7. I discovered some pumpkin ale in Phoenix that is absolutely divine. Going to go check the name right now...hold on...ha, good thing I looked...Leinenkugel's (???) harvest patch shandy. Oh, girl! So good. You may know of it already but if not, please find some and try it.


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