Monday, September 5, 2016 Numbers!

Linking up with the forever fabulous Deena for her Monthly Numbers Post!  After never sharing my July, I'm back at it with an August recap!  In numbers...

Countless cups of coffee consumed! Because it's summer...and I have time for two a day!! Sometimes more if I had a cup after dinner and such! Most of which I put Rum Chatta in because I didn't have half and half (and was to lazy to go out and get!) Don't worry, Ma...I eventually did!!

0 trips to the grocery store and 0 peapod orders!  Which means...I ate out almost every single day in August, except one, because I came back from the Dominican Republic with a lil bug!!! I spent way too much money on food this month.

Looking back over my planner I can say there were a lot of toast, meetballs, cheese and rice pudding consumed this month.  I love my town!

3 visits to Toast- and none alone-woo hoo!!
4 visits to The Cheese Patch for Wine and Cheese
6 Visits to Meetball for meatballs, pretzels, and Beer!
2 visits to Sweet and Savory...where I sampled at least a dozen Rice Puddings.  Rice Pudding is my new favorite...especially when it's BO-GO!!

I feel like I always talk about food and drink in these posts, but really I felt like all I did this month was eat and drink....lots of prosseco and beer were consumed this month too.  But that just means I had a really great month hanging out, eating, drinking and enjoying time with good friends!!  I guess I can't ask for more than that!

Speaking of friends, made three new friends in August!  LOL

And I did something I said I would never do!!  I drank Pumpkin Ale in August!  Hahahahahaha...
Why do they stop making summer beers and start loading up the bars with pumpkin in August?!?  September People, September!!  But I gotta say....It was so damn good!!!

Lots of time was spent with family this month too!  Every weekend was spent at my one of my sisters' houses, so I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had and take advantage of their pools...and yummy cooking!  The weather this August was pretty AMAZING!!  So I spent hours in the sun!!

1 trip to the beach with friends and their little ones!  Because when the beach is involved Aunt Katie crashes play dates!!

Mom and Dad celebrated 45 years of marriage this month and my brother-in-law Anthony celebrated 40 years on earth!  Both fun celebrations.  On my parents anniversary, we re-watched the anniversary video my sister put together 10 years ago for their 35th (we threw them a big party, then). It was fun to reminisce and realize some of the kids weren't even born yet!!

6 days this month  were spent preparing for the new school year!  Meetings and visits to the classroom, and a Back-to-School BBQ on the 31st made it all real, helping to put summer vacation in the rear view! Tomorrow it's officially back to work!

1 Kenny Chesney concert attended, with 3 acts pre-show!  For me....this was not his best!  But I can say that after going nine times!  Still,  I will never not go!!  Kenny is Summer for me!!

Only 1 book finish in August!  But it was one I really enjoyed!! I reviewed it {here}.

August is always a tight month for me money wise and most of my money was spent on food (clearly!) but I did replace a few of the items that were stolen from me in the DR!  A got a new pair of white jeans, a new pair of blue jeans and some more workout clothes from Fabletics....all on super sale, so that made it a little bit better!!

Oh and August is my home-iversay!!  I celebrated three years in my cozy condo on August 29th!  I blogged about it too!

August on the blog....was a slow month!

12 posts
1 feature on TBB
Most Popular Post: What I Wore...on vacation!
Most viewed post on FacebookWhat I Wore...on vacation!
And the fact that this photo was the most viewed out of everything on The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life Facebook page this month makes me laugh so hard...and thanks!!

Hope your August was filled with great summer memories!  Here's to a sensational September!!

Happy Labor Day!!  Enjoy these last days of summer...


  1. The beach and eating at restaurants may be my two favourite things in the world. I am living vicariously up here!!

  2. all the restaurants make me want to come for a visit soon!!!!

  3. Sad that summer is over for you but glad you had a good one!

  4. Yay for eating out and enjoying your last days of summer :)

  5. Haha, I can't even imagine eating out that much in one month, it would either be the most awesome thing ever, or I'd get tired of it after a few days. I can't decide which. ;)

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